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Have you ever felt your heart breaking again and again? The pain is much stronger and more painful than the previous one. That's exactly what Saqib was feeling right now. As he saw Arzoo dress up in one of the designer baby blue lehenga, her hands darkened with Henna designs. Long golden designer earnings and necklace were framing her ear and neck. Her hand was full of bangles, making noises with a slight move of her hands.

Her chocolate brown eyes were coated with eyeliner and eye shade. Her soft lips had red lipstick on them. Her hair was pinned on one side  and a dupatta was rested on her head, completing her look,

She was sitting on the stage all dolled up, looking outrageously beautiful. Saqib couldn't help but utter 'Masha'Allah' everything his gaze lands on her. And seating beside her was Imran who was wearing a creme suit and was smiling at something Ayaan said. While Zoya kept adjusting Arzoo's dupatta now and then. Zaan was busy attending to the guests.

If it were up to Saqib's he wouldn't be here today, attending their engagement. But due to her parent's and sibling's requests, here he was. Blocking his emotions to flash on his face. And faking a smile at everyone who kept glancing at him, to let them know how happy he was for the couple. Which was far beyond reality.

A loud cheers erupted, as Arzoo and Imran exchanged rings, holding the title of Fiance and Fiancee of each other.

Once in a while, Arzoo's eyes kept drifting to Saqib, asking him to come up on stage and accompany them. To which he kept making excuses.

When the engagement ended and everyone went to their room. Saqib was walking by Arzoo's room, the door to her room was slightly open. Unconsciously, his gaze landed inside her room, to find her standing in front of the window of her room still wearing the same dress. A big smile on her face, as she was busy looking at something on her mobile.

Knocking on the door, to make his presence known to her. Arzoo turn around, her eyes founding his before an angry look overtook her features. "Finally Waqt Mil Hi Gaya Janab Ko."

"Sorry. Ghar Ka Bada Beta Hu, Sara Kaam Dekhne The Mujhe." Saqib said as he enter her room.

Sighing, she put her mobile on the table beside the window. Her hands wrapped around her chest, as her angry eyes observe him. "I know when you are lying, Saqib. We have been best friends forever. What it is that you are hiding from me?"

Looking away from her, he took a sit on her bed, as she lean against the wall. His hand roams on his hair. Jealousy was creeping inside him all day, which he tried to hide now and then.

"I am dreading, Arzoo. I am dreading the day you will leave me. Leave all of us. And start your new life away from all of us." He sigh, as the truth escapes from his lips, making anger fade away from her gaze.

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