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"Are you going to tell me, where exactly we are going?"

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"Are you going to tell me, where exactly we are going?"

Silence. He's quiet for a moment, driving through a bridge.

They were having their very first date today, she had no clue where they were going. Since Saqib wanted to keep it a surprise.

"Not even a little hint??"

A dead silence followed, which had Arzoo knew she wouldn't be getting any answers from him.

"Bookstaurant??" The car stops in front of the restaurant that reads, 'Book-staurant'. Parking the car on the corner of the road, Saqib exits the car and walks towards Arzoo's side, who was gawking at the restaurant with various emotions flowing through her eyes.

"This can't be real......." She mutters under her breath as she gets out of the car when Saqib held the door open for her, her gaze went to the small and cozy restaurant.

'This can't be real!! Or it's just a mere coincidence??' She thought to herself.

"We are having our first date here??" Arzoo asked in confusion, then meet Saqib's s twinkling eyes.


His warm hands intertwine hers. As he look at her with a smile that made him look handsome.

Unlike always, he was wearing a casual outfit. He was wearing a brown shirt with all the buttons open and white T-shirt underneath it paired with black jeans. His sleeves were rolled up to his forearms. A brand new Rolex watch was wrapped around his wrist. Indeed, he looks handsome.

While Arzoo was wearing high-waisted jeans and a creme crop top paired with a white jacket. A purse was hanging on her arms, completing her look. She wasn't wearing any makeup except lip balm.

"Chale?" He asked softly, breaking her from her thoughts. She nods and they enter inside. To say this restaurant was good would be an understatement, it was like heaven for all those people who love books. Whether it be a reader or the writer itself. It was like a dream come true for all the readers and writers!!

And the restaurant was full of people. Some with their friends, some working on their laptops, and some with a novel on their sides.

The restaurant was decorated with books in such a unique and beautiful way and different lighting made it look much more mesmerizing. Each wall had a quote from famous books.

She couldn't help but read each one of them.

'There is no such thing as bad people. We're all just people who sometimes do bad things.'

'Books are easily destroyed. But words will live as long as people can remember them.'

Just then a man in his late thirties came towards them. He was wearing one of the casuals. The man was quite handsome though, but not more than Saqib in her eyes. He flashes a smile and said, "Welcome, Mr and Mrs Khan. It's a pleasure to have you with us."

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