Mates For Life

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It was a long night, I still stayed in the water and swam with Vincent. He'd always pop out of nowhere and scare me, it was pretty funny though. I smiled at Vincent when he lifted me, he's so precious, my heart rate sped up, I can't look away from his beautiful eyes. I leaned forward and kissed him, I pulled his head closer to me and combed his hair with my fingers. I pulled away, but never leaving his eyes, ' I love you Vincent' I said through our mind link, he smiled and rested his forehead against mine, '' no, I love you, Sage'' he teased, I laughed when he licked my lips, it really tickled.

We continued swimming, I let myself float on the water and swim backwards, it felt really calming and good. Vincent never left my side and always watched every move i'd make, he reminded me of a hawk eyeballing it's prey. I laughed at the thought and stood up, Vincent was just looking around, being a weirdo like he always is. I walked to him and hugged him, rubbing small circles on his back. He's just so warm and handsome, i'm glad the wolf spirit put us together. '' What are you thinking about?'' Vincent softly said in my ear, then playing with my hair. '' I'm thinking about someone so handsome and braver than a lion'' I said and looked at him, he smiled at me. He pulled back a little, '' with bulging muscles and a very beautiful mate?'' he asked, lifting his arms and flexing his muscles.

Those huge muscles really turned me on, I looked away and giggled. '' Yes, with bulging muscles and a hot body'' I said and then looked back at him, he came closer to me and hugged me again. '' And a very beautiful mate?'' he asked, I smiled, '' Vincent, i'm not beautiful'' I said and leaned on his chest. He took a deep breath, '' Sage, you are beautiful, I know you are much more than beautiful, you just won't let yourself register that in your mind'' he said and kissed my neck. 

I smiled at him, I tried not to cry. I know i'm just a huge crier but those words he said are for me, I never been told how precious I was. It probably doesn't seem like a huge deal to you guys but to me it always is. Vincent and I walked out the water to dress and go home, he dressed but I didn't, I just watched him. '' you okay love?'' he asked me when he finished changing. '' I'm fine my sweet, want to ride me?'' I told him, he smiled and wiggled his eyebrows. '' Not that way, pervert'' I said and chuckled, he laughed and replied. '' Are you okay with it?'' he asked,  I nodded and shifted, tackling him to the ground. '' You are such a beauty Sage'' he chuckled out when I licked his cheek, I did a wolf bark and got off him.

I lowered my back while Vincent picked up my clothes and carefully got on my back. I turned my head to make sure he was okay and then I sped off. I ran lightly,not wanting to hurt my beloved in any way, Vincent leaned on my back and I howled, I did a happy howl. Like 8 minutes passed and we made it home. The bright moon lit the house, the sky was turning into a light indigo color, it was almost dawn. I noticed Vincent was sleeping, I carefully and quietly walked up the porch steps and pushed the door open with my nose.

I leaped in and shut the door with my leg as quietly as I could. I smiled when it closed quietly and then I had to repeat the same process up the stairs. Vincent was still asleep and snored, he must be so exhausted. I jumped high on the first 7 stairs and landed on the top floor without waking him up. I rolled my eyes back in relief that he didn't wake up, I continued walking to my room. It's been forever since I haven't been in there. I stopped and turned my knob with my mouth, it actually worked. I opened it and trotted to my bed and I slowly slipped Vincent off of me. I shifted and pulled the blankets on him, I smiled at his cute face and then I headed for the shower.

I first pulled out a tank top with black booty shorts, they were pajama booty shorts. I grabbed a fresh towel and ran to the bathroom, I took off my bra and panties and started the shower. I looked in the mirror and saw that I had light brown eyelids, I felt tired too. I shrugged and hopped in the shower, I put some shampoo in my hair and rubbed and rubbed. It felt relaxing, especially in a hot shower, I then heard the bathroom door open and close. My Vincy is awake, I smiled and rinsed my hair, the hot water rinsed through my hair and relaxed the back of my head. I heard Vincent open the sliding door and shut it. I then felt him trace over my body with his warm hands, I smiled and opened my eyes, he was just looking at my body. I placed my hands on his chest and kissed his juicy lips.

We washed each other's body like we always do, it never got boring. He even dressed me, very slowly and gently, I thanked him. We were both dressed and lied down to finally rest, I lye in front of Vincent and inhaled his fresh scent. He smelled like the new AXE pine body wash, it smelled so good. I guess AXE really did make women go crazy and want to have 'fun' with their man. I smiled and snuggled more into him, he rested his arms behind me and inhaled my scent from my hair.

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