Author's Note!!!

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Hii everyone!!

First of all, a big thank you to all my readers who voted and commented and showed so much love to my stories. It's a bit too overwhelming seeing this much love from you all guys.

I had bad news for you all guys! I won't be updating any of my stories as of now. As I am busy in my personal life to even think about my stories. I am stuck between my upcoming exams and office work.

But I won't be leaving my story on hold for a long time. I will be updating from April.  And I will try my best to give it a good ending as 'Dil Mein Ho Tum'.

Till then why don't you read other incomplete stories of mine or read some beautiful stories from other authors?

And I will try my best to update this story as soon as the exams are over.

Also, there's a bit surprise waiting for you all ;)

After seeing some current fantastic Pakistani dramas, some amazing ideas have come to my mind regarding a new story. I won't be telling you much now, since I don't want to spoil my surprise for you all.

So here's a trope for my new Desi story. Which will be coming in June.

• She fell first, but he fell harder.

• Slow Burn.

• Academic Rivals to Lovers.

• Fake Relationship.

• Desi Romance

So what do you think about this new story of mine :) I haven't thought of the character's name yet. You can suggest me some amazing Desi Muslim names.

Till then, take care, love you all♥️!!!

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