So I decided to post again today! I am very excited because of 4 reasons!

1. I get to see Norman Reedus in 18 freaking days!

2. I just figured out I became an Ambassador for my school (Power to the nerds! :P)

3. The doctors said there is nothing wrong with my heart. (Long story behind that.)

4. Did I mention I get to see Norman Reedus in 18 freaking days?!


When I woke up I was still in the truck. My bag was under my head and a thin blanket was thrown over me. I stood up and stretched my now aching body. The floor in the truck definitely wasn't comfortable. I went to the front of the truck and looked out the window.

The sun was beginning to rise. So I slept through the night. Why didn't anyone wake me up when we got back to camp? I went to the back and lifted up the sliding door and jumped down. I grabbed my bag and slung it over my shoulder and started walking towards camp.

The smell is what hit me first. I knew that smell and it made my feet move quicker. I didn't hear any screams which made me feel slightly better. I finally got to the RV and looked around. There were dead walkers everywhere. Well at least they were dead.

Dale was sitting on top of the RV. The rest of the group minus Daryl, Andrea and Amy were all huddled around the small fire together, even Carol and Sophia. I heard crying and looked to my right. Andrea was leaning over a body. I got a closer look and noticed it was Amy.

What in the hell did I miss? I dropped my bag and slowly walked towards the group at the fire. Before I could even say anything Rick spoke up. "When we got back to camp we heard the screams. We quickly went to help and Daryl left you in the truck." At the mention of Daryl's name I felt myself tense. "Don't worry, he's in his tent."

I sighed and made my way towards Daryl's tent. How do you let someone know you're in front of their tent and want to come in with really no door? I didn't want to speak, but I didn't want to just walk in either. I picked up a small rock and chucked it at the tent door.

"Go away," I heard him grumble. Well at least he was awake. I opened the zipper and poked my head in. "What part of go away don't y'all understand?" his back was to me but when he turned around and noticed it was me his face fell. "Oh, it's you."

"Oh, it's you? You sound so happy to see me," I scoffed. He rubbed a hand over his face. "Sorry," he mumbled. I sat down on a sleeping bag, I assumed it was Merle's and looked up at him. He was still covered in dirt, mud, and now walker blood.

"You look like hell," I commented. I heard him let out a small chuckle and he sat down across from me. "What happened?" I asked him. He rubbed his bottom lip with his finger but stopped himself quickly when he noticed what he was doing. "They had this coming."

Now I was really confused. "What do you mean?" I asked him. He sighed and clenched his fists together. "They left my brother for dead, they had this coming," he grumbled. I slid over to him and placed a hand on his arm causing him to look up at me.

"You don't mean that," I said. He grunted in response. "Actually I do. Karma's a bitch," I sighed and ran a hand through my hair. "The camp was full of walkers," he started, "the rest of the group went ahead to help, but I waited until I knew you would be safe," he said quietly.

I played with my hands nervously. "I would've been fine. All you had to do was shut the doors. The walkers wouldn't have the strength to get them open and if we had to leave at least I already would have been in a car," I said. Daryl groaned and flopped back with his hands behind his head.