Author's Last Note?

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Hey guys!! I just wanted to thank all of you whom supported Stone Heart 1 and two because I wouldn't be anywhere without you all. All those incredibly kind and funny comments are what kept this love story going when I felt like giving up. It just means so much to me that people actually took their time to read and even vote for this story that I didn't even know would actually be seen.

As I've probably mentioned before, I started writing this story as a fun way to to entertain myself while the stories in my library were updated. My writing started out very flat and cliché, but you could probably tell how much it started improving along the way.

Chloe and Daniel are characters that were mostly made by some weird dreams I had (don't ask, i'm worried too) and by songs that played on my phone. It's a weird combination, but I mean, it created a love story and its sequel.

Over all, I just want to thank all of you and tell you how much I love you for sticking with me until the end.

On a little side note, I'll probably erase some stories of mine like Good Girl or Bad (GGOB) and Obstruction.

If I write a third book (maybe yes maybe no) it won't be about Chloe or Daniel anymore. It would focus on Juliette's pov and her love story, so it would be a spin off.

You can choose to read it or you can also choose for SH2 to be the end and leave it as is. It's your choice (if I even make the book). The title that it may or may not have is a "fire and ice" theme.

I love you so much and i'm very grateful to be one of many authors you read stories from. <3

-MariFer <3 

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