Chapter 16- Two Months for Jewel

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"She's beautiful, isn't she? Well, that's Mommy to you," Daniels soft voice rang out from the darkness I was consumed in.

I tried to open my eyes, but my body wouldn't listen to my brain. I felt like some invisible force was pushing me down, prohibiting me from moving.

"The first time I saw her, she was covered in dirt and her hair was a tangled mess, but somehow, she was the most beautiful woman I had ever laid my eyes on. Her smile, Jesus her smile, it knocked the wind out of my lungs and I found myself doing the most stupid things in order to get her to smile often. Don't tell her I said this, but one time, I found myself purring at her beauty. When she's asleep, I sometimes wake up early, just to see how peaceful she seems when her eyes are closed and her heart, her heart, it has a certain rhythm to it when she sleeps. I fall back asleep counting the thumps her heart makes," he continued and I heard a child's soft cry. My heart and arms ache to see and hold my husband and two babies.

I pry my eyes open and smile at the sight before me. Daniel has Ashton and Juliette in either arms with a soft smile as he rocks them gently.

"Chloe," he gasps in relieve when he sees me awake. He gets up and I reach for my children. "Careful, love."

Their eyes are closed and I take in their beauty.

Ashton has dark hair and Juliette has light brown hair. Their skin is on the pale side, with a tint of pink on their cheeks. "Hey there, little ones," I speak softly and kiss their temples. A faint smile plays on their rosy lips and Juliette opens her eyes ever so softly. She has Daniel's eye color. My vision blurs and I choke back a sob with a smile. Then it's Ashton who opens his eyes. Shiny, green orbs greet me and I gasp. He has my eye color.

"They're beautiful, aren't they?" Daniel kissed my temple and I feel a hot tear slide down my cheek. "You scared me, Chloe. You lost a lot of blood and-"

"Shhh. Daniel, I'm here now and I'm not going anywhere anytime soon. Not now, not ever," I tilt my head up and kiss his lips. "I promise."

"Good, because we're taking turns getting up to feed these little ones, here," he smirks and I laugh.

"Uncle Nathaniel and Aunt Crystal are in the house!" Nathaniel bursts through the door with balloons, Crystal following right after, child in her arms.

"When did you give birth?!" I ask in shock.

"Three days ago. I had mines first, but their was a signal interference so we couldn't contact you sooner. We arrived yesterday, but you were still asleep," she explained and I nodded in understanding.

"Congratulations!" I beam and she smiles.

"Congratulations to you too! Twins! Who would have thought?!" She exclaims.

"It runs in the family," Nathaniel smirks as he takes his child from Crystal. "Oh and Chloe? Thank you for naming your child after his uncle," he beams as he looks at Ashton and I smile.

"You were here from the start," I respond and he grins.

"Well, Aiden Daniel Daemons is happy to be named after his uncle too, isn't he?" He turns to his child and grins.

"Really?!" I gasp and Crystal nods with a smile. Daniel smiles at Aiden and I grin. A knock on the door catches our attention.

"Excuse me for the interruption, but I need to check our Luna's condition," the doctor announces as he comes up beside me and checks all monitors.

"I feel fine," I sigh. "Can I just go home?" I turn my attention towards the two sleeping babies in my arms and hand Juliette over to Daniel's awaiting arms.

"Well, you must need to be fully stabilized to go home and you still seem to need a bit more time to recover. After all, you gave birth to not one, but two pups. You went through double the pain," he responded and I closed my eyes, taking in a deep breath.

"What about my wolf? When will I get her back?" I asked. He looked at me with a funny look.

"Luna, don't you know the twin rule?" Daniel snapped his head up and both Crystal and Nathaniel listened attentively.

"What twin rule?" The heart monitor sped up and I wrapped my arms around Ashton, tighter.

"If you have one baby, it's two weeks for your wolf to return, but if it's two or more... it can take up to two months," he explained sadly.

"I can't live without my wolf for two months! I'll be... human. My wolf is what makes me different, it's what makes me a werewolf! A supernatural creature," this cannot be happening. Two months is too long for a wolf and a person to be separated.

"Luna, I can assure you that your wolf will come back when it's healed and when you're ready," his calmness only spiked up my heart beat.

"No worries, Chloe. You're wolf will be fine," Nathaniel smiled and Daniel kissed my forehead. The monitor returned to a normal rhythm.

"Okay," I softly gave in. I left a lingering kiss on Ashton's head before closing my eyes to rest.

"We'll be right here," Daniel assured and I nodded with a sad smile.

Where are you, Jewel?


**Author's Note**

I know... "it's too short"..."not your best, marifer"... well, let me tell you, typing on a device that erases what you wrote five times and having to rewrite them all... makes her hands cramp like HELL.


-MariFer <3

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