Chapter 14- Meant to Be

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"How are you feeling?" My groggy eyes open to see a worried looking Daniel.

"I've been better," I mumble. He sighs and takes a glass of water from beside the bed. I take a long drink, grateful for its coolness down my dry, patched throat.

"Thank you. What time is it?" The window is open and I can see the sun starting to set.

"It's almost six pm. You've been asleep for nearly a whole day," he murmurs softly and places a kiss on my temple. His left hand travels down under my shirt and settles on my stomach. He spreads his fingers and lowers down to place his head near my hip. "Hey there, little guy," he whispers and I smile.

"It could be a girl, you know?" His head tilts up and he grins.

"Of course it could. We'll have a mini you running around the house, testing our limits," his eyes narrow with humor. I chuckle and run my hand through his hair, the other one placing itself on top of his own.

"I don't know if I should be worried or relieved about that. She can also turn out like her father, serious yet a big softy on the inside," I tease and he props himself on his hands, hovering over me.

"Did you just call me a softy?" His nose runs down my neck and he nips my skin.

"It's what you are, Mr. Daemons. You seem all 'scary alpha' on the outside, but all it takes is some testing and you're the most soft teddy bear I know," he growls lowly in playfulness, causing me to giggle before capturing my lips with his.




"How about now?"


"What about now?"

"Still no, now keep quiet."

"What about now?"

"Christ, Chloe no. Keep walking, a little more and..." he removes his hands from my eyes and I blink, trying to adjust my eyes. I sharp gasp escapes my lips.

"Surprise!" Everyone shouts and I smile a full and happy smile.

The living room is decorated in banners with, "Happy Baby Shower" all over them. Balloons filled the ceiling and gifts filled a whole table.

"How many months in are you?" My mother beamed and I smiled.

"It will be nine in two weeks," I answer and she kisses my forehead.

"I think you'll be a great mother," her eyes water and my vision starts blurring.

"Just like you," I whisper and she embraces me, careful not too hurt the baby.

"Is it a boy or a girl? You're keeping us in suspense!"

Crystal piped up from no where. Her round belly, similar to mine, pushes everyone out the way.

Nathaniel and her are expecting a boy, her baby shower was last month.

"Both Daniel and I want it to be a surprise," I answer with an apologetic smile.

"Do you know how tempting it is to get the doctor while she's asleep and take the ultrasound that tells us our baby's gender?" Daniel teases and everyone chuckles.

Games are played, prizes are won, and cake is eaten. I feed Daniel a piece of my cake and he feeds me from his. Soon, I'm opening up our guest's presents to our child.

"This is adorable!" I gush out at the tiny outfits that fit both a boy and a girl. The tiny shoes match one of the outfits and I almost lose it because of the cuteness.

Daniel takes his turn and opens up a cradle swing

with a smile, "This is from..."

"Me," Linda answers and we all turn our head to the door. A woman walks beside her and I wonder who she is.

"Long time no see," Nathaniel speaks and Crystal smacks his hand. Linda chuckles and blushes.

"I realized that the reason I was with guy after guy was because I didn't know that a woman was whom I was mated with," she turns to look at the woman beside her with love and I smile.

"There's still some cake left," I offer and they both beam.

"Megan!" I cry out in excitement as I spot her running towards me. "Where have you been?" She hugs my thighs and caress her loving face.

"I had to go to a girl's camp," she pouts and I chuckle.

"It was fun though!" I notice how her missing teeth grew, her words being clearly understood now.

"Well, I'm glad you're back," I smile at her and I can't help but feel giddy at the thought of soon having our own child to give love to. She detaches from me and runs to play with the rest of the toddlers.

At around midnight, the room is empty and I start picking up trash.

"Oh no you don't," my hand is seized by Daniel, who kisses the palm of my hand before pulling me closer.

"I'm just cleaning the mess I caused," I frown slightly and he kisses my forehead.

"You should be resting, not cleaning," he murmurs.

"Well, I did just attend a party instead of resting," I point out and he smirks.

"That was the only exception the doctor made, babe," his smile is infectious.

"The doctor's only exception or your only exception?" I ask.

"Both," he replies before guiding me towards our bedroom upstairs.

He helps me get into bed and I curse the bed for me so high up. It has never bothered me before as much as it does now.

"Stupid bed," I grumble and Daniel chuckles.

"I could get another bed. I wouldn't want you to get into a fight with it," he teases and I throw a pillow at him.

"Daniel, can you pass me one of our baby's clothing?" I ask and he obliges, handing me a white, little shirt.

"Why do you need it?" His eyebrows furrow in confusion and I stare at him, dumbfounded. How can I explain it to him with out sounding stupid.

"I can't tell you," I mumble.

"Why the hell not?" He climbs into bed with me and pulls me closer to his warm body.

"'Cause I'll sound stupid," I reply and he chuckles softly.

"I can assure you that you won't sound stupid, baby. Now go on, tell me," he urges and I sigh.

"Okay. I just feel that if I hang on to a reminder of something great that is soon to come, I won't wake up to all of this only being a dream snatched away by reality," I explain as I stare at him. His gaze is attentive, holding nothing but love and affection.

"You voiced out my everyday worries, Chloe," he kisses my head and rests his chin on my head as I play with the soft fabric at my hands.

"Well, I guess you're a fool too," I chuckle softly.

"A fool for you," he counters and I sigh in content at my loving husband.

"We're both fools," I state.

"Then it's meant to be."



Took me forever to write this but its done!! Any who, i need baby girl and boy names for the baby! I wont say what gender it is, yet though ;) love ya!

-MariFer <3

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