Chapter 15- Push ;)

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"No. It doesn't have that ring to it."

"Xander? Xavier?"

"Baby, that's too common and overly used," Daniel answered. My eyes kept scanning through the names on the book.


"No. I want our child to have a name that sounds..."

"Hot yet appropriate for a toddler?" I filled in and Daniel smiled.

"Yes, not how I was going to word it, but you get the point."

I thought for a bit and the answer soon came.

"Ashton!" I beamed and Daniel smiled.

"Ashton," Daniel tested the name and my little person moved. He caught the movement and placed his hand on my belly. "You like it too, don't you?"

"Would he have a middle name?" I asked and Daniel looked up at me.

"Do you want him to?" He asked and I sheepishly

smiled. "What name do you have in mind?"

"Nathaniel," I answered and he grinned.

"Ashton Nathaniel Daemons," he spoke proudly and my little person moved again.

"What if we get a girl?"

"I've been meaning to ask you if we could name her after my mother? Juliette Aria Daemons," he requested and my little person moved in what I felt was content.

"That sounds like a lovely name," I answered him with a smile.

"What do you think Nathaniel will say when he finds out that one of-"

"Daniel!" I interrupted him and when I felt a sharp pain I had never felt before.

"Is it time?!" He jumped up from the grass and picked me up bridal style towards the emergency building. We got to the main floor and he didn't wait, but instead burst through the pregnancy room.

"I need a doctor, now!" He barked and the nurses scurried to call the doctor.

"I'm here," the doctor called and started setting up some tools. More nurses came in and hurried Daniel to put on some scrubs, to which he reluctantly left my side to put them on.

"Good because I feel like I'm going to die!" I cried out in pain. Two nurses took my clothes off and slipped on a baggy hospital dress.

"You've been in labor for hours," the doctor commented as he checked between my legs. "You could have easily harmed the baby if you fell down or pressed your legs together harshly.

My stomach church and I felt the need to push.

"I can't take it anymore I need to-"

"Yes, Luna. Push as hard as you can. You're going to have the baby naturally, no c-section needed. It's going to hurt, but I need you to breathe in and breath out," he instructed as he spread my legs further and hanged my legs up with a soft bandage.

"I'm here!" Daniel cried and hurried to my side. I asked for his hand and he gave it to me with no hesitation.

"Push, Luna! Push!" The doctor cried, I cried, and Daniel looked over to see the birth of our child. I almost laughed as his face paled and the look of horror he had on his face. I took in deep breaths but nothing seemed to ease the pain. "You're almost there, just push a bit harder this time. One more hard push and you're set to go!"

I screamed in pain as I felt our child being pushed out. The sound of a baby's cry filled my ears and I smile a slow and lazy smile. I saw Daniel cut the cord and quickly head towards our baby.

"Congratulations, you have a beautiful healthy baby bo- there's another one!" The doctor cut himself out and I cried in horror of having to go through the pain again.

"What?!" Daniel yelled as he held our baby in his arms.

"You have to push again and quickly this time. She's losing too much blood!" I took in a deep breath again and pushed the hardest I could.

"One more, Luna!" The doctor instructed and I cried even more as I felt a second baby being pushed out. The room looked blurry and my head felt fuzzy. The beeping monitor beeped slower than I remembered. "We're losing her!" I faintly made the doctor yell. "Cut the cord, Alpha! She's slipping away!"

"Chloe! Hang in there, baby. C'mon, you can't leave me now, you can't leave us! Chloe!" My eyes slowly shut and everything around was only a buzz to my ears.

Juliette Aria Daemons and Ashton Nathaniel Daemons. I didn't even get to have them in my arms.



Thank you to all of you who suggested the names i chose! It was quite a few so I cant necessarily dedicate a chapter to only one person (sorry). I love all of your comments and I appreciate your votes :D

-MariFer <3

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