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**Author's Note**

Okay, so when I first started writing Stone Heart, the guy was supposed to actually be stone hearted and instead, well... he turned out to be romantic. I wouldn't change a thing about Daniel though because he's as real to me as he is to you, possibly even more. The title is more of what people who don't know him think and it makes it kind of ironic when we read from Chloe's pov and Daniel's.

So...what would you guys say if I wrote a werewolf story with the intention of the guy actually being cold hearted and ACTUALLY someone to be feared WITHOUT making it sound like, "he was the baddest of bad of the bad. He was so bad, he made other bad people seem nice." Okay, this does not mean that this quote will be of a character speaking, it's the feeling of the story in general, you know? But I want to know if you'd actually read it?

Also, I don't want the girl to be so... I don't know, victim-like either. I want her to be as tough and stubborn as Chloe, but with a more mature feeling to her. That means, nothing like, "Ha! I'm going to make that guy regret having me. I will trash his house." And then ending up like, "No! I thought you loved me! How could you?!"

Lastly, it won't be an Alpha, Mate, Luna story. It will hopefully turn out a bit more to the real side and less fantasy, but it will still be werewolf. I have my hopes up so high for this and I honestly I dont let myself, but most importantly, you guys down.

Comment what you think please because I want to see how it turns out and if I have my reader's support. Don't hate me just because I'm writing a new story instead of just finishing SH2. My brain needs a bit of inspiration that will be gained through the music I listen to. I will update as soon as my light bulb turns on, I promise!

On a little side note- I've read the cutest and the most heart warming comments ever! I'm right here, for you! Thanks, babes! I love you all so much! ♥♥


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