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"Catch me if you can, Ash!" Juliette ran, arms spread wide open as she laughed into the wind.

"That's so girly," Aiden complained next to me. Ashton tackled Juliette and both of them landed softly on the grass.

"Aiden, stop complaining and go run," Crystal scolded as she settled Nathaniel's head on her lap. "Or you can go back home and do your chores," she threatened and that's all it took for Aiden to jump and run.

"You know, Aiden is a lot like Nathaniel when he was young," Daniel commented from behind behind me. His chest vibrated on my back as he spoke, his arms tighting around me. My hand played with a loose string on his jeans, just above his knee.

"Yeah right," Nathaniel frowned with a scowl. "I was totally cool with all the pups," he continued. "As a matter of fact, they called me their leader," he smirked.

"Whatever," Daniel mumbled from above.

"Watching the kids run makes me want to run," I commented and felt a pang in my chest.

"Chloe, just because your wolf hasn't come back, doesn't mean she never will," Crystal said with a sad smile.

"It's been four years. I don't think-"

"Hey, no sad thoughts today," Daniel's lips kissed my hair and I smiled softly at the contact. Even after years of being together, his touch still sent sparks through my body.


"Mommy look what I found!" Juliette had a panicked look on her face as she opened her hand. A butterfly lied still on her palm. "It's not moving," she sniffed.

"Oh, Julie," I cooed and picked up the unmoving insect. "It's alright. Things like this happen because it's part of nature. It's called the life cycle," I explained but her pout and teary eyes as she stared at the dead insect, told me to do something for it.

I dug a small hole unto the ground and placed the dead butterfly in there, covering it with dirt afterwards. "There you go," I tried and her soft smile appeared.

"What about its family? What will they do?" She questioned and I felt Daniel's chin on my head.

"They'll understand, " I answered and she simply nodded. Her head tilted and a look of curiosity made it's way on her soft features.

She looked from Daniel and I to Crystal and Nathaniel. "Daddy, when will I have someone like you and Uncle Nate?"

"What do you mean, Julie?" He questioned.

"When will I have a mate?" She criss-crossed in front of us and played with the grass under her. He growled playfully and she shrieked as he leapt up to tickle her.

"You want to leave us already?" He questioned as his fingers dug into her side. She laughed and laughed until he finally stopped. Her small hand grabbed his jaw and she connected their foreheads together. Her long eyelashes touched the bottom of her eyes and her father's did too.

"I'll never leave you and Mommy, Daddy," she promised and he sighed softly.

"Not on purpose," he whispered more to himself, but nevertheless we heard and I understood.

"So, when will I?" She questioned again and her round eyes stared into Daniel's.

"Someday," he looked over at me with a sad smile for confirmation. I looked at Ashton and Aiden running around in circles, until my eyes shifted slowly back to my mate and daughter.

"Someday," I agreed.

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