Chapter 11- Bullet to The Heart

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♥ Chloe's P.O.V. ♥

"She's getting worse," I heard Pete murmur to Jerry from the passenger seat. "Why the hell did you have to actually shoot her?"

"She disobeyed me and that's what she got. I know it's in her nature to disobey and test people to their limits, but she made a mistake testing me," was all Jerry said before everything went quiet. Minutes later, he spoke up again,"We're almost at our last spot."

"How are we going to set the chains up? More importantly, how do we get him in chains? That guy can knock us down in less then half a second if he wanted too," Pete said. My heart pounded a bit faster at the indirect mention of Daniel.

"Simple- we use her. We aim the gun at her head and if he hurts either of us, we shoot her. If he's going to kill us, we might as well kill her, don't you think?" Jerry responded nonchalantly.

"Yeah, that sounds about right. What about Tori though?"

"I told her to follow my lead if she heard anything about me. She's a stupid mate who'll follow my orders like the little bitch she is," my body shook in anger. What if Tori did follow his lead and didn't tell Daniel about my call? I used my only opportunity on a person who was on the wrong side.

"Oh," Pete said and everything went silent. A couple hours later, I felt a small tug on my chest. It was a sign that told me we were close to the end of Daniel's territory.

"We're here," Jerry parked the vehicle on a dusty driveway and opened the his car door. "Set the chains and help me cover the bullets with wolf bane when you're done."

"Alright," Pete said and he too got off. Seconds later, my door opened and I was scooped up by Pete. I was getting weaker by the second and the fact that I couldn't use my wolf, didn't help me heal as fast.

I was placed on a soft place with nothing around my wrists tied to a bed post. My body was numb and the only things I was able to move were my eyelids and fingers.

There was a transparent door and I could see Jerry setting long and heavy chains on the ground that seemed to rise from the ground. Pete went out and started helping him untangle them and place them in certain spots. The large, green field was surrounded by tall trees- a perfect place for battle. I looked around, trying to find something, but nothing seemed useful. A while later, they came back and cleared the table across from me.

Pete placed thick gloves on his hands as well as Jerry and covered their face with a rag. A blue liquid was poured out and one by one, bullets were being covered by it. My heart beat loud and fast- it was wolvesbane.

"Ready?" Jerry asked as he loaded a gun he took out from a drawer nearby.

"Ready," Pete replied and mimicked Jerry's actions.

"Give her the medicine to help her wounds heal. She won't be a problem anyways," Jerry said and Pete took a needle from a cabinet that already had liquid in it. He came near me, needle in hand and I moved as far back as I could.

"Do you want to heal or not?" Pete snapped and I looked at the needle. He yanked my arm and I yelped in pain. The sharp needle was injected in the bullot hole and I cried out. He got up and started helping Jerry dip more bullets in the bane.

Slowly, I felt my wound start to close up and the pain subsided little by little. I waited- soon, I no longer felt any pain, but I pretended I did.

Before I had time to even look at the door, my wrists were forcefully held behind my back, slightly twisted so that I had no escape.

"He's here!" Pete shouted from behind me. Jerry scrambled to his feet and took the safety off the gun. He then took Pete's place and I felt the cool metal against my right temple. I sucked in a sharp breath and we slowly got to the door where the chains lay behind it.

There was a small movement in the trees that caught our eye. We waited and I saw him. I saw the man that fell in love with the moment I laid eyes on him. His hair was messy and dirt stained his sharp jaw as well as his shirtless body. The shorts he had hung low on his hips and his hands were clenched. He took a look at Pete- who aimed a gun at him; at Jerry- who had the gun aimed at me and finally his eyes landed on my own.

His face hardened and his body shook in anger. Without a second to waste, he lunged at Pete while shifting in mid-air. The gun was fired at him once, twice, three times and I felt the wind get knocked out of my lungs as his wolf lied still on the ground. Slowly, he shifted back- his wolf was gone for now.

His chest where I once placed my head on- wasn't moving. Those slow up and down movements that soothed me to sleep, stopped. Those arms that once were wrapped around my waist- lay helplessly beside him. His hands that gripped on to my thighs in our most intimate moments, lay still as well as those fingertips that once traveled across my skin in small patterns. His lips that captured my own, were slightly parted. Those brown orbs that made me weak on the knees, were hidden by his lids. The soft beat of his heart that was always beating at the same time as mine- no longer thumped and said my name. Seeing the man whom I gave myself to without a second thought- with no hesitation, laying on the ground lifelessly, gave me a pain stronger than the bullet that had crossed my body. This was a bullet to the heart. I burst in to tears and cried out the name of the man that had taken possesion of my my mind, body and heart.



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