Part 46

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I remember waking up and it was dark.

Still groggy from the drugs, I couldn't see.

My head hurt.

I was tied up.

My body resting on cold concrete. I felt bruised, not knowing how long I'd lain there.

Shifting. Something harder by my hip.

They didn't. They did?

They missed it. Let me keep it.


Thank you.

Must reach it to free myself.

Painfully twisting, trying to reach my pocket. Need something sharp.

Shoulders burning, straining, reaching…

Fingertips found plastic.

Now for something sharp.

Tiny scissors, slow but safer than a knife. Didn't want to risk hurting my hands with the big blade.

Slicing strands, sawing…then my hands were free.

Slipping the card back into my pocket. Just in case.

Dizzy when I stood up.

Angry voices in the dark. Shouting at Chris.

A door opened and there was light.

I ran for it, trying to push past the standing shape in the doorway.

Room swirling into darkness again. I was falling.

His hands on me.

He caught me, so I didn't fall.


He offered me food and water.

Something for the pain.


But not enough.

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