1. Fall of Dragonof

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(A/N - Yes, I am re-rewriting it. Sue me coz I lack the aspect "one-track mind")


Year X368

"We sincerely apologize, young lord but as per his majesty's orders, we cannot allow you in here." 

Another failure. Another failed attempt to head into the prison floors whose doors were blocked by the pair of spear-wielding sturdy soldiers.

The seven-year old couldn't blame them at all. They were simply following their duty. For the soldiers his father's orders are above his own which means he has no right to order them around. He can't give them orders that go against his father's. If he does that, it won't be him being punished but the disobeying soldiers. And he would rather not have someone else take punishment in his stead.

He was mature enough to understand that the soldiers were duty-bound but what he failed to understand was why his mother was imprisoned there. Why was his father being cruel to his own wife? Did she do something wrong?

He tried asking everyone for the reason of his mother's imprisonment including his father, but he only got the cold shoulder and topic-distracting, vague answers in response. No one wanted to or more like couldn't tell him about the circumstances revolving around his mother and yet they expect him to be mature and understanding because he is supposed to be the next ruler of this kingdom. 

'How am I supposed to be a just and understanding king if people don't tell me anything at all?' The boy would often ponder about this question, once again with no one there to answer him.

"It's alright." Was the young lord's response to the guards. They all had been used to it. It has been three years since his mother was thrown in the prison cells.

"You know this is just too cruel for a child." The guard muttered to his partner once he realized that the boy was out of earshot. "Today is supposed to be his birthday."

"Yeah, but who are we to question the General's orders?" The other soldier said in a helpless tone.

"You should stop calling him General and address him as King if you want your head in one piece." His partner warned. "You don't wanna know what happened to the last guy who addressed him as General by a slip of tongue."


The Prince had retired to his room after a few more futile attempts in persuading someone to allow him to meet his mother. He had given up on asking for anyone's help regarding this. It was time to take matters into his own hands.

If no one is willing to allow him in the underground dungeons, then this calls for sneaking in. All he had to ensure was that he didn't get caught by his father or the men loyal to him. Being well aware of his father's temper, things might not just end with him getting punished but also the guards and servants assigned to him. He did not want them to suffer just because of his selfishness. 

The knocking on the door of his room, brought the prince out of his train of thoughts. He wondered who it was supposed to be, given that he hadn't asked for anyone for the time being. Ever since his mother had been locked up, the visitors in his room had decreased. There would be no reason for anyone to be here unless they want something from him.

Opening the door, he was met with the face of the man he had least expected to come knocking at his doorstep, his own father, Rung Bernhart. Rung was a middle-aged man with long, dark brown hair, dark brown droopy eyes and a small goatee. He was dressed in his usual armor with the Dragonof kingdom's crest engraved on it. 

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