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Fairy Tail's Princess (FTP Series) - Volume 1 by GEEnieInTheBottle
Fairy Tail's Princess (FTP Series) GEEnie
Minako is the present celestial mage, celestial dragon slayer, daughter of Matsui (Dragon Slayer) and Misaki Arisato (Celestial Mage) and the little princess of the Aris...
Fairy Tail: Dragon Prince by Duke_Aaron
Fairy Tail: Dragon Princeby Aaron
(Prequel to Jikan no Noroi or an AU, whatever fits) (Also I am indecisive and thus I am trying to rewrite this one in a better way.) ____________________________________...
Drafted (A Fairy Tail Fan-fiction) by Mizuki--Sama
Drafted (A Fairy Tail Fan-fiction)by Mizuki--Sama
Magnolia has been at peace after the war with Oracion Seis for two solid years. But peace only lasts so long. A group of terrorists known as Grimoire Heart has attacke...
R E A L I Z A T I O N by Zancrow_Godslayer
R E A L I Z A T I O Nby Zancrow_Godslayer
Short, 230 word Fairy Tail drabble about a certain blonde Godslayer, none other than Zancrow. (I do not own Zancrow or FairyTail. They both belong to Hiro Mashama)
Don't forget.... by FairyTail_rebels
Don't FairyTail_rebels
Recently, a dark guild created a weapon that can make people forget about magic. They plan to target all the guilds in Fiore so that they would be defenseless against th...
Blood and Bones: Dragon Twins by TyWiltse
Blood and Bones: Dragon Twinsby Ty Wiltse
This isn't your regular tale. This isn't a tale for children, it's a tale of emotional breakdowns, families being torn apart, betrayal, and fear. However, it's also a ta...
My Inferno of Love Will Burn Your Sorrow Away by UtakataKaratachi
My Inferno of Love Will Burn Neo Blaze Orland
In the darkness Zancrow is found and temporarily cared for by Zeref. Soon after that he is found and taken by Grimoire Heart. He also meets a Fire Devil, Ice Dragon, and...