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The wandering Death Dragon God Slayer by H0nd3k0s135
The wandering Death Dragon God Sla...by H0nd3k0s135
Natsu was not found by Igneel, instead he was found and raised by Draco Mortem the Death Dragon God. Follow Natsu's adventures as an independent mage and see how he inte...
Fairy Tail: Dragon Prince by Duke_Aaron
Fairy Tail: Dragon Princeby Aaron
(Prequel to Jikan no Noroi or an AU, whatever fits) (Also I am indecisive and thus I am trying to rewrite this one in a better way.) ____________________________________...
The Green Ranger Of Fairy Tail  by TevinMoore92
The Green Ranger Of Fairy Tail by Tevin Lashawn Moore
After the original power rangers defeated Rita Repulsa, a new generation of rangers must continue the fight against a new threat. Lord Zedd. Zedd plans to send one of th...
Forever As One (a Jerza fanfiction) by strawberrypolkadot
Forever As One (a Jerza fanfiction)by Ichigo
Erza Scarlet, a guard from Milkovich Palace, meets Jellal Fernandez, Prince of Fiore. Erza accompanies her young princess, Ultear, to the Fernandez Castle, where Ultear...
☆°•ℓσѕт тιмє ιѕ иєνєя fσυи∂ αgαιи•°☆ | | Fairy Tail One-Shot by FirstLight13
☆°•ℓσѕт тιмє ιѕ иєνєя fσυи∂ αgαιи•...by TheArtistNextDoor
Ultear regrets her former actions. She despises herself. Everyone around her is fighting for their lives against a menace from the future and the dragons he has brought...
On Vacation by hikariscarlett
On Vacationby Jul-chan
"What was the meaning of this? Whoever send the letter knows our location. Whoever is that, how did they know? Will I open it now?" Crime Sorciere is taking a...
His Secret (Gruvia) by J-uvia
His Secret (Gruvia)by J-uvia
The new clumsy girl..... Yeah...... It's just Juvia Lockser....... Juvia just moved to Fairy Tail High from Phantom High. Juvia met some old and new friends. Much better...
The Moon Mages (The Journey Begins) by DarkWolfKnight_1894
The Moon Mages (The Journey Begins)by DarkWolfKnight_1894
Anna has lost all memory of Elsa's powers. Not understanding why her best friend and sister has suddenly shut her out, Anna runs away from the palace. then a portal appe...
Fairy Tail: Jikan No Noroi (On Hold) by Duke_Aaron
Fairy Tail: Jikan No Noroi (On Hol...by Aaron
Time. What is time? A concept? A power? We never know But what we know about Time is that it is something not to messed or tampered with. Doing so either blesses the usu...
Rising From The Ashes| Crime Sorciere by Luciana_Scarlet
Rising From The Ashes| Crime Sorci...by Luciana Scarlet Fernandes
Experience the untold story of Crime Sorciere. From Jellal's Escape to the creation of the secretive guild. I am taking suggestions. This story was a project for school...
Just my original fairy tail drawing, DON'T STOLE IT (REQUEST OPEN)
Celebrities' Complicated Lives (Jerza) [ON HOLD] by Jewellery_Bits
Celebrities' Complicated Lives (Je...by Jerza Author
Rivals forced to be couple by their manager, Ultear Milkovich I hope you will enjoy this book. This book will have a lot of nightcores. I just had to put Ultear as their...
Crime Sorcierè Crackfics by shreks_gay_toes
Crime Sorcierè Crackficsby infected mushroom
This is just a series of oneshot drabbles I'm writing because I feel like it. Summary: These are some of Erza's best experiences with Crime Sorcierè when she went to st...
Erza's Fighter (Tevin x Erza Scarlet) Fairy Tail x 格闘伝承 ~ F-Cup Maniax by TevinMoore92
Erza's Fighter (Tevin x Erza Scarl...by Tevin Lashawn Moore
As the Traditional Fighting Cup was going to be under way, a mysterious light engulfed a Karate Master of the Mach techniques name Tevin Ryūji sending him to Earthland w...
Ultear milkovich x reader by toxicbotto117
Ultear milkovich x readerby Jesse Case
Ultear x reader story, since there aren't many out there. This story is a little different than most. After Ultears sacrafice she feel sot be ni a thnig of space time. N...
Prosthetic [Juvia Lockser AU] by abnormalsailor
Prosthetic [Juvia Lockser AU]by 🤠
Juvia Lockser is 15 when she becomes an amputee. (inspired by The Running Dream)
A Stitch in Time | (Ultear x BNHA) by lkaruga
A Stitch in Time | (Ultear x BNHA)by lkaruga
After using last ages, Ultear was given the chance to live another life with no regrets or guilt. However, this new world she wakes up in was not Earthland nor Edolas...
Rising Hell by ThatCuteFairy
Rising Hellby ThatCuteFairy
The story of how Gray Fullbuster's life changes when he, his friends & siblings are dragged into the Pokemon world. [characters taken from several different anime. Some...