BH's Bizzare Bad-Venture

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Oogie's pov

Todayit was the usual, taking down heros, get paid, torture, nothing to different for the most part. We're all at Flugs lab with 505 drawing, Dementia relaxing and me and the crw cleaning our weapons. Flug was sleeping for the most part until the phone rang waking him up and answearing it

Flug: Organization hat-Black Hat-Black-hello?... oh yeah of course. No problem. You know what we say: Evil is our Business and*yawn* you know the rest... And you got it for cheap eh? Thanks for calling. 

He closed the phone and it looked like he was thinking something

Oogie: is there a problem doc?

Flug: not sure. Tell me, have you taken down a hero with the name Bicep?

He grabbed his tablet, showing a picture of the hero Bicep

Oogie: i have heard of him but no, there hasn't been a job for taking him down

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Oogie: i have heard of him but no, there hasn't been a job for taking him down. You guys?

I asked turning around to my crew

Grimm: never heard of him.

Liz: i don't know him.

Chris: me neither.

Flug: hhmmmm. What about you Dementia?

We turn to Dementia having put cereal in her mouth and milk in her hand

Demntia: Doesn't ring any bell, doc.

She pured the milk in her mouth but immediately coughed it out

Flug: something feels wrong here. Let me check if there's anything about him on the news.

He opened the computer and show pictures of deafeted hero who look like body builders

Flug: wait a second, we didn't do any of these jobs. Why do people believe we did? Someone is impersonating us

I look at the different information until something or someone took my eye

Oogie: "is that?" move over doc.

I tap the keyboard on a picture of a news paper talking about Biceps defeat, but what got my attention was a picture of G-lo crying holding a made up sign saying 'sidekick 4 hire'

Oogie: G-lo!

Flug: you know her?

Oogie: she's a friend. And it seams that the double ganger has hurt her. I am going to beat the bastards ass

Flug: i agree, we have to stop the impostor.

Dementia: and how are we going to do that? It's not like he's gonna send us an invitation to his house.

Out of nowhere a dumbbell with a letter came threw the wall and was about to hitn 505 before Grimm grabbed it with his tail

Grimm: would you look at that.

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