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3rd pov

It was a rainy night at Hat Island and everyones was asleep in their beds. Oogie was sleeping peacefuly in his hammock, until the front door bell broke him out of his slumber

Oogie: ugh, we have those stupid robot butlers for a reason.

He got up and on his way to the front door he met Flug in his pajamas

Flug: woke you up aswell?

Oogie: yeah. Let's get this over with.

They went to the door and a Hatbot-ler in pajamas also came to the door

Oogie: look who decided to show up?

Flug: you're going to the resort. Lets see if you answer then!

The robot cried and run away. The door bell just kept going 

Oogie: all right, all right!

Oogie put his hand on face and opened the door

Oogie: give me one reason why i shou-

He took his hand out of his face to see a woman with a green cloak and a calavera mask

He took his hand out of his face to see a woman with a green cloak and a calavera mask

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Woman: i wish to make a deal with el charro Negro.

Oogie grew a serious impresion on his face

Oogie: follow me.

Oogie let the woman in and they went to Black Hats office. Oogie knocked on the door and walked in

Oogie: boss? You here?

He saw Black Hat sitting at his chair and looking out in the rain. above his head was a small claw holding his top hat nad was slowly putting it on his head before turning to look at the Boogie man

Black Hat: yes Oogie?

Before Oogie could answer, Flug went in front of him

Flug: sorry to interrupt, boss, but this lady-

Black Hat: on the contrary, doctor.

The watch in the room hit midnight as lightning struck outside and a swarm of ghost flew towards the group. Flug jumped over them while Oogie just stood there, letting the ghost phase through him.

Flug: are you okay? 

Oogie: it was nothing.

Out of nowhere Emilia flew in front of them

Oogie: hey kid.

Emilia: hey Oogie.

After that she flew away

Black Hat: you arrived just in time.

Said Black Hat eyeing the masked woman. Flug kneeled down while the lady walked towards the desk. She took a moment to look at Flug before she looked in front of her to see Black Hat goten up from his chair and walked towards her, talking her hand into his

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