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Oogie pov

how is this guy so hard to get? We just had to capture him and yet he captured us

Grimm: how is this thing so strong?

Liz: will you stop moving around that much?

Chris: my back is eaching.

Grimm,Liz and Chris were binded together and i was stuck to the ground as i watch Ringworm capture Flug and Dementia

Grimm,Liz and Chris were binded together and i was stuck to the ground as i watch Ringworm capture Flug and Dementia

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Ringworm: and the day is saved thanks to Ringworm!

Dementia: Where's that bear? Is he just for decoration or what?

I see 505 sneak behind Ringworm. I would be happy if i didn't know what was gonna happen

Ringworm: Bear?

Ringworm turns to look at 505 who just... acted cute like always

Ringworm: aww. Who is this cutesy, precious, lovely lil' baby? I need a photo with you and my daughter. so precious.

He said while petting 505. Luckily Dementia was able to brake free and punched him right  in the jaw, knocking him out cold and getting rid of the rings around us

Oogie: good job D.

Dementia: no problem Oogie.

She said with a wink. She's been more flirty lately, i wonder why?

Flug: 505, what part of stay in the ship did you not understand?

Said Flug making 505 sad

Flug: sorry, it's just... sometimes you're a bit...

Dementia: useless! Seriously bear, you aren't cut out for this.

Oogie: aren't you suppose to be a cleaner? Why are you even out here?

Flug did the sing to stop 

Flug: shut it. both of you.

Dementia: see? Even Flug wants to cut your throat.

Flug: that's not what i said.

Oogie: atleast he makes for a good distraction.

I said looking at Ringworm

Dementia: i wish lord Black Hat would have seen that hook.

Black Hat: i did.

Suddenly Black Hat's voice was heard before a giant shadow worm thingate us and spit us out in Black Hats office

Oogie: thanks for the lift boss.

Flug: yes t-thank you sir.

Black Hat: another midiocre job, as expected.

Flug: i appreciate your affection, sir.

Black Hat threw a tablet at Flugs face. After the face recogniction opened the tablet i looked at the screen to see a guy  in construction worker attire and a wrecking ball with a face drawn on it where his arm is supposed to be

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