A day on the town

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3rd pov

it was a normal day at Black Hats mansion, Flug was working, 505 was cleaning and Dementia was... Dementia. Oogie in the meantime was trying his new electric chair on a sidekick they captured


Oogie: let me think about it. hhhhmmmmm no.

He pulled the lever down again frying up the sidekick while Oogies boys where watching their master have his fun with questionable looks

Chris: Should we just ask him?

Liz: would he tell us the truth?

Grimm: i think we're overthinking this.

Chris: you've seen how he acts. Maybe it is true.

They all turn to look at him again with pair of dice in hand

Oogie: which volume should we try next? Maybe a roll of the dice would help.

He trew the dice and rolled a twelve 

Oogie: JACKPOT! I'm on a roll tonight.

He changed the volume to max and pulled the lever with a wicked smile on his face as he heared the sidekick scream in pain

Grimm: you know what, fuck it. I'll just ask him.

He got up from his spot and went beside Oogie

Grimm: hey boss. How are you doing? 

Oogie: oh i'm doing great. This new electric chair is amazing, next i'll put him on the rack.

Grimm: good good.... Soooooo, me and the other couldn't help but notice the way you acted towards the lizard girl after the wrestling match.

Oogie: yeah and?

He asked without losing focuse on his victim

Grimm: we've just been wondering. Do you perhaps, maybe, possibly ... have a crush on her?

Oogie froze in place for a few good seconds before turning to look at the demon

Oogie: a crush? You think i, Oogie Boggie, The master of fear and Ruler of bugs, have a crush on a crazy lizard themed Villainess?

He questioned towering over his subortinate. Seeing the danger her friend is in Liz walked next to Grimm

Liz: w-well you have been acting different towards her compared to everyone else.

Chris: y-yeah, y-you've been kind and caring towards her and you usualy look at her direction during fights with heroes. In fact i think i saw you blush once while she was smashing a heroes skull on the floor.

Oogie shot up straight at that last coment with small but noticable blush on his face

Oogie: i-i-i-i have no idea what you're talking about.

Shadow: face it dude. You've fallen for her.

Said Shadow rising up from his place behind Oogie

Oogie: y-you shut up. You have nothing to do with this.

Liz: relax boss, it's nothing to be ashamed of.

Chris: yeah, even Villains can fall in love.

Grimm: if anything she's right up your alley.

Oogie looks at his group before he sighed and sat on his big red armchair

Oogie: i might have fallen for her, but she's obsessed with Black Hat. She would probably just brush me off.

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