Satellite Mysteries

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Oogie pov

it has been 2 days sense me nad Dementia started dating and it was a blast. We would do almost everyhting together and she moved to my room with the guys and we had fun torturing heroes or sidekicks we captured on missions. Right now me and my Oogie boys where at the kitchen waiting for 505 to make breakfast when Flug came in and took a look around before looking at his clipboard

Flug: breakfast, check.

Oogie: morning dock. Starting todays work already?

Flug: nope, i've finnaly finished toadys tasks.

Chris: this early? That's a first.

Flug: indeed, but the important thing is that later today i will be able to watch the end of my favourite show.

Oogie: you mean that thing with the planes and turkeys you watched when we were at the academy?

Flug: the same one.

He pulled the tvs remote from his coat nad opened the tv to show a prodcast with the world famous hero Goldheart

He pulled the tvs remote from his coat nad opened the tv to show a prodcast with the world famous hero Goldheart

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reporter: what's your stance on the recent events on Atreno?

Goldheart: i didn't know Sunblast personally, but we can all agree he was a true superhero.

While he was talking 505 brought breakfast nad we munched away while Flug looked annoyed

Oogie: don't let him get under your skin, thats what he always wanted.

Flug: he's got one thing right.He didn't know him.

He changed the channel to a trailer to the show he was waiting for later today called code turkey

Tv: today in the final episode of "code turkey".

Flug: oh no. No spoilers! What kind of commercial is that? 

Said Dock turning off the tv. Dementia walked into the room and took a box a cereal from the table before sitting on my lap

Dementia: that show sucks. You only like it because there's talking planes in it. 

Oogie: wrong show dear.

i look back at the tv only to see what lookes like a green three eyed pixalated skull

Oogie: uh Flug, i think we are hacked.

I said pointing at the tv in which he turned nad screamed 

V.I.R.U.S: greetings, i am V.I.R.U.S, i,ve come to request your help. 

Dementia: oh , it's one of those interactive shows for kids.

Black Hat: FLUUUG!

Before anyone could say anything we were all sucked into Flugs paper bug and thrown out except for Flug who's bug flew above Black Hats open hand before getting him out 

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