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🇬🇧/🇺🇲 Cecilia Amanda Kelly. Deconstruction. Eng.Ver. by nereida285
🇬🇧/🇺🇲 Cecilia Amanda Kelly. De...by Nereida285
Cecilia Amanda Kelly, better known as Miss Heed, is preparing everything for her special stream on October 29th. After all this time her plan will be completed, she wil...
Nerdy dilemma Villanous Dr Flug x MsHeed by Pikaman_Reborn
Nerdy dilemma Villanous Dr Flug x...by Jack Napier
Black Hat University hosts the best higher education for future heroes, you got the leadership department that focuses on helping society, being the face of heroism and...
Dr. Flug x Miss Heed by CyrusIsTrash
Dr. Flug x Miss Heedby Cyrus Tyrone
The title is self explenatory, its a fic about this ship and you maybe thinking "Why would you ship such a toxic relationship, she would just use him" and such...
"All I Want For Christmas Is You" Villainous Oneshot {Dr Flug X Miss Heed} by Varianamoondrop
"All I Want For Christmas Is You"...by Varianamoondrop
Dr Flug Comes to visit Miss Heed on Christmas and gives her a gift she'll never forget Credit to: PoisonJabs on twitter for creating the picture I used as my cover
Miss heed in real love  by Arin13532
Miss heed in real love by Cloud
Miss heed x dr flug ⚠️ WARNING ⚠️ SEXUAL ACTIONS 🍋😏😂 yeah........
Male reader x Cecilia (Miss Heed) chapter  by Rabbidinvader24
Male reader x Cecilia (Miss Heed)...by Rabbidinvader 24
A love story with you and Cecilia aka Miss Heed
I'm a villainous guy.  by DJjammer
I'm a villainous guy. by DJjammer
Soul was a lone wolf, a solo villain, making his own in the world, that is, until he gets caught up with the black hat gang. Join soul as he joins the ranks of the great...
The Oval Log's by 0valeyes
The Oval Log'sby 0valeyes
the Fifth volume of the Oval memoir series. featured stories -New file entry and updates that go from the Tellanrain and other organizations. -Read 4 Read [ ✔] open [...
villainous group  chat  by trans_mistake
villainous group chat by 💃
A chatfic story featuring the villainous group chat
But Then I Found Her by panikylass
But Then I Found Herby emmetthespecial
A scene rewrite of the kiss between Dr. Flug and Miss Heed with some extra antics sprinkled in for my enjoyment.
Villainous: Villain Talk. by DJjammer
Villainous: Villain Talk.by DJjammer
Welcome everyone, come in, take a seat as your favourite villains talk about the villains across my books, from handsome jack, to vox, even dragons and other creatures...
A villainous heart (Black Hat x Reader~) by HenryStain
A villainous heart (Black Hat x Re...by HenFest
in this story, you, Y/N, are a soon to be villain. everyday you are training your power and are lying that you'll be a hero to everyone so you can get free access to tra...
My head and my heart by The_Blue_Crow
My head and my heartby Someone
This story is what happens when a beautiful young woman steals her best friend's thesis to seek a hero's attention. To be praised. To be adored. Until she lets her heart...
Grrr! Flug X Tú/ Lectora (Cancelada) by This_isADream
Grrr! Flug X Tú/ Lectora (Cancelad...by nthingisreal
Me entusiasmó el regreso de villanos :) Esta historia va desde la época del bachillerato de Flug xd Obvio ningún personaje me pertenece #drflugxtu #drflug #villanos
Rebelz (Villainous Story) by TANC_x_Charley
Rebelz (Villainous Story)by Mattia/Charley
A kidnapping occured, Three missing, Two kidnappers... Who would do this, Were the kidnappers mistaken, IS CHARLEY GOING TO FINISH THIS STORY! (The answer to the last on...
the Oval frontline  by 0valeyes
the Oval frontline by 0valeyes
Sequel to the Oval Memoir you have read all that Ovalsan Ivan know about the Multiverse now you will know what he did and learned the truth of most dimensions of Cartoo...
Nate and Shake V.S The Heroes; A fanfiction by BlondeDestruction
Nate and Shake V.S The Heroes; A f...by NateTheReaper
A fun little fanfiction I decided to start writing where my self insert and his rival, my OC Shake Malakross, take on various heroes from various TV Shows and Anime's, w...
The Oval Memoir  by 0valeyes
The Oval Memoir by 0valeyes
From the World of Captain N and the Nintenguard. Ovalsan maybe someone that Helping Kelly Chiedburn and her team but he more then what he seem and the first book will t...
Villainous X Reader [OneShots](Requests Open)  by L1ttleVillain
Villainous X Reader [OneShots](Req...by L1ttleVillain
It's the title,send requests guys 👍 And,Just for say:I will make my own OneShots too