Chapter 8

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The last couple of weeks in Hamburg had been amazing. Katia had made it a point to enjoy every day and decided that until Paul was back in Liverpool, she wouldn't even think of him as more than a friend. Ironically enough, as soon as she changed her way of thinking, it seemed that Paul's behavior with other girls changed too. He no longer paid much attention to them while Kat was present. She was sure it was because she was showing a more kind and gentle demeanor towards him which he then reciprocated.

After a long goodbye, she got back on the plane that would take her back to Liverpool and have her confront her parents. She was definitely not looking forward to that, but whatever her punishment was, she was sure her time in Hamburg had been worth it. The Beatles' contract would be over in another two months and then and they would head back to Liverpool.

"Dad! I'm home." Katia said opening the door to the house.

"Katia!" her dad came out of the bedroom. "I thought you weren't getting here until tomorrow!" he said as he hugged her.

"Surprise!" Katia smiled.

"I'm so glad you're back."

"Katia! You're home!" Katia's mother said coming into the living room.

"I'm so sorry that I left without permission..."

"And then stayed there despite your father asking you to come home." Katia's mother put in.


"Katia...what you did had us worried sick...your dad even had to g-"

"That doesn't matter now." Katia's dad interrupted. "You're forgiven, but that doesn't mean you're not going to get punished. What you did was very do understand that, Katia?"


"I'll see you in your room in a few minutes to discuss your punishment."


Katia was grounded for two months for having left to Hamburg. There was no going out except for maybe running a few errands for her parents. She asked for her job back at the restaurant, but they were not in need of anyone; however, she was able to find a job at a coffee shop. Having the job gave her a little more freedom to get out of the house. Her dad had agreed to it as long as she kept up her grades in school. The next two months went by rather quickly, which Katia was happy about. She knew that Paul and the boys would be back in a matter of days, just in time for the punishment to end.

"Katia! Can you come here for a minute?" Her dad called out to her.

"I'll be there in a second, dad!" she yelled through her bedroom door. She had agreed to cover someone at work and she was running a bit behind.

When Katia walked out into the living room, she saw Paul standing next to her dad.

"Paul!" she exclaimed as she ran to hug him.

Dad laughed and said he'd be in his room if we needed him.

"So what's all this?" Paul asked as he twirled her around.

"I got a job at a coffee shop, which I am already running late for."

Paul made sure no one was around and leaned in. "And what exactly are your services?"

"Paul!" she playfully nudged him, then leaned in and whispered. "But if you must couldn't afford my services!"

Paul laughed at her comment.

"So when did you come back?"

"About an hour ago. Just showered and came down to see you."

"I love that you're here...but I need to go. I promised I would cover someone's shift today...besides, I'm still grounded. Don't get to go out until the end of the week."

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