Chapter 3

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Katia cried herself to sleep that night.  She missed home.  She missed her friends from Canada.  She was tired of constantly having to make new friends. She had thought that Liverpool would be different when she met Paul and John, but what had happened that night had just reinforced the idea that it was so hard to trust people. 

The next morning, Katia stayed in her room until she heard both her mom and dad leave the house.  Her eyes were puffy from her crying and the restless night she had endured.  As she was making breakfast, she heard a knock on the door.  Thinking her parents may have forgotten something, she opened it, only to see Paul at her doorstep.  She quickly closed the door, but Paul stuck his foot in the doorway before she was able to shut it. 

"Kat, please." Paul said.

"Go away Paul! I don't want to see you." Katia said as she kept pushing the door trying to close it. 

"You don't have to even look at me, just hear me out." Paul urged. 

"No! Please go aw—"  but she was cut short when Paul began pushing against the door to get inside.  She couldn't hold the door close and he eventually pried it open. 

"Honestly Paul, don't you understand the meaning of going away! " Katia exclaimed. 

"Kat, we need to talk about last night." he said

"There's nothing more to say.  We said all we needed to say last please...just leave." Katia said turning away from him. Paul walked around her so he could see her face.

"Listen Kat, I.... well I ...didn't know what I was getting myself into...really this isn't like me..."

"You knew perfectly well what you were getting yourself into Paul.  You made it quite clear last night while you were talking to John. "

"Maybe I did agree to it..."

"Oh, there was no did agree to it!" 

"Yes I did agree...but it was just..I know it was wrong and all...but..." Paul sighed. "....I'm sorry. I'm so sorry, Kat."

"I don't get it...if you knew it was wrong, then why'd you do it?" Katia asked trying to sound more angry than hurt, but failing to hide her real emotions. "I'm not a race horse to bet on...I thought....I thought we were friends." 

"We are!" Paul responded. 

"You're not the type of friend I keep." Katia said. "Please...go." 

Paul sighed in defeat. "I'm not really like this...I wish you'd believe me.  Can I give you something before I go?"

Katia shrugged and looked away. She could hear Paul walk outside and after a few seconds she heard his footsteps in the house again.

"I'll just leave it here...on the kitchen table." Paul said but Katia didn't bother turning around. 

She finally heard the door close and it was then that she turned around.  She walked to the kitchen to find a beautiful bouquet of flowers.  She spotted a card and read it aloud. "Kat, I woke up late this morning, my head was in a whirl, only then I realized I lost my little girl. Please forgive me. Paul."

She set the card aside and picked up the bouquet  The aroma was intoxicating.  She sighed.  She had really enjoyed spending time with Paul and despite the kind gesture, she was still very hurt.  

Katia spent most of the day sulking at home, not really in the mood to go out.  This wasn't exactly how she pictured spending her last day of vacation. Tomorrow she'd be starting a new school and the only thing she looked forward to was possibly meeting new people who would replace the emptiness she felt after losing Paul and John. 

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