Chapter 5

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Chapter 5

" they trade off with another band called Rory and the Hurricanes.  They get an hour break every other hour.  They're very long nights, but on the plus side, they've improved a lot since they arrived." Astrid said as the three girls walked to the Kaiserkeller. 

Katia and Cynthia followed Astrid closely.  For these two girls, Hamburg was a far cry from Liverpool.  The streets were full of tough looking men and easy women. Katia looked around cautiously taking in the scene.  Bright lights, bars, brothels...this was definitely not what she had described to her parents when she negotiated her visit.  If they saw what she was seeing now they would never have agreed to let her come.  

"We're here." Astrid said stepping aside and motioning us to go through the door next to her. 

Katia walked in first. She looked around absolutely wide-eyed.  This club was not the typical places she frequented in Liverpool.  There was a musty smell combined with cigarette smoke and alcohol.  There was another band playing so she assumed the boys were on break.  Just then, Astrid patted her shoulder and pointed to a table near the front of the club.  Katia smiled as she recognized her friends.  She looked at Cynthia who had a huge smile on her face.  

Katia was the first to reach the table.  She walked up behind Paul and covered his eyes.  He immediately grabbed her hands and swirled her in such a way that she ended up sitting on his lap. 

"Kat!" Paul said surprised and hugged her as soon as he recognized her. 

"Expecting someone else?" she laughed and hugged him back, giving him a kiss on the cheek. 

"How did you ever convince your mum and dad to let you come? I didn't think they'd ever give you permission!"

"If you lads will excuse us..." John ,who had managed to pry his lips off of Cynthia, said to no one in particular as he dragged Cynthia with him.  

Katia smiled, feeling herself blush a little, knowing very well what they were about to go do.  

"Hey! If you thought I wasn't going to be able to come, why'd you invite me then!" Katia asked bringing her attention back to Paul.

"I was hoping they would say I'm glad I asked."

Katia began getting off of Paul's lap, but he he pulled her back, taking hold of her hips.  Katia was quite aware of where Paul's hands were and didn't know exactly how to react so she turned the focus to his hair. 

"Say...what about this hair cut of yours?" She asked as she started to tease it a bit.

"Astrid thought it would look you like it?"

"I think it's a great look for you...for all of you." Katia said looking around.  With all the excitement, she hadn't even had a chance to say hello to anyone else.  She saw George dancing with a blond girl and John and Cynthia were still missing.  Stu and Astrid had gone to the bar, so the only one still at the table was Pete, but he was busy chatting up a girl. 

"Do you want to dance?" Katia asked Paul.

"Sure...I'm not very good at these fast songs, but I'll give it a go." He said. 

Katia got up and headed to the dance floor with Paul right behind her.  They must have danced for 20 seconds before the song ended and a slow ballad began.  Katia started heading back to the table, but  Paul grabbed her wrist and pulled her closer to dance. 

"These I can handle." He said as he once again placed his hands on her hips. It wasn't that Katia found Paul's hands uncomfortable, but having his hands there made her feel something she hadn't felt before with him.  Desire. 

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