Chapter 2

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"What did you think of Mr. McCartney?" Katia's mom asked as she came into her bedroom.

"They were all very nice. He accepted our invitation to dinner, just  to let him know and he'd be glad to come."

"I think your father would be interested in meeting him."

"Yeah... probably."

"I'll let you know when dinner's ready."

"Okay. Thanks mom." Katia said as she walked to her room. She really didn't know when exactly she dozed off, but she didn't wake up until early that morning. She could hear her dad talking in the kitchen and got up quickly to greet him. She hadn't seen him all day yesterday and she wanted to know how his first day at work had gone.

"Hi Mom...Dad." Katia said as she walked into the kitchen still wearing the clothes she had on yesterday.

"Hi honey. How did your day go yesterday? Did you familiarize yourself with the city yet?"

"Pretty much...I went to the school I'll be attending and it went okay. How about you? How was your first day at work?"

"It was good. I met a few of the workers there...they are really nice people.  I'm sure I will enjoy working here." he replied.

"I am so glad dad. I'm going to go take a shower...I want to go out and look around Liverpool again. There's a lot of places I passed by yesterday that I thought looked interesting. You'll probably be gone by the time I'm done I''ll see you tonight..for dinner." Katia smiled as she kissed him goodbye.

"Can't wait". Her dad said as she returned the kiss. .

Both Katia's mom and dad were gone by the time she finished getting ready. She grabbed a quick breakfast and then locked up.  She paid extra attention as she walked around town, taking note of the streets and making mental notes to places she wanted to check out.  She ended up stopping at a coffee shop that looked quite appealing. There were only a few people there, which gave her a chance to talk to the waitress that brought her the coffee she had ordered.  She was told that Saturday nights usually had live music and that was when the coffee shop got really busy. 

As she sipped on her coffee, she overheard a group of voices coming from the backroom of the coffee shop.  She thought she recognized one of the voices, but it wasn't until he saw Paul come into view that she confirmed her suspicion. She looked at Paul.  He was interacting with another boy.  She watched them and noticed how attractive both Paul and his friend were.  Paul was cute, but his friend had a more rugged handsomeness to him.  It wasn't until Paul's friend went to make a phone call that Paul noticed Katia. 

"Kat? What are you doing here? How are you?"

"I guess this is the place to be.  It's nice to see you again."

"Yeah...definitely.  Didn't think I'd see you so soon."

"Well we are"

Paul chuckled.  "Yes."

"So what are you doing coffee?" Katia asked.

"Not today...we're actually here on business...trying to schedule a gig..."

"You're in a band, then?"

"Yeah...we're trying to book some performances here on Saturdays with Ms. Best."

"Sounds fantastic!  Are you guys any good?"

"Of course we are!  Who's asking?" Paul's friend chimed in, having joined Paul and Katia.

"Katia...this is John.  John...this is Katia...she just moved to Liverpool."

"Nice to meet you John...I go by Kat."

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