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May 1959

Katia smiled as she walked out of her last class for the year.  She was looking forward to spending her summer vacation with her new boyfriend, Eric.  They had started dating a few weeks ago and the idea of getting to spend the days together without the hassle of school elated her.  She met him outside and he sweetly kissed her.  Their intent was to go to the movies this afternoon, but her mother had asked that she come straight home after school, so they agreed she’d meet him at his house later that evening. 

When Katia walked into her house, she found both her mom and dad sitting at the kitchen table, with a worried look on their face. 

“Hi.” Katia said trying to catch their attention.  It was obvious they hadn’t noticed her arrival.

“Oh, hi sweetie.” Her dad responded, trying to hide his apprehension, but failing miserably.

“What’s going on?” Katia asked concerned as she sat down next to them.

“Katia, I know I had promised that….I know this is going to be hard for you, but believe me…” her dad trailed off.

Katia’s heart sank.  She had heard this conversation times before. She knew what her dad wanted to tell her, but couldn’t find the words to do so. 

“It hasn’t even been two years since we moved to Canada.” Katia heard herself complain.

“I know sweetie, I had said this would be the last time we moved….at least for a while, but Mr. Edwards made it very clear that there is no one else that is qualified at this time for the position that they need filled.”

Katia tried to not complain, but it was so hard when she felt like every time she finally felt at home, her dad was being transferred somewhere else.

“Where will we be moving this time?” Katia asked in defeat.  She knew it did no good to get angry- the fact remained that they were still going to move and there was nothing she could do about it.

“The job is in Liverpool, England.” He responded.

“How long before we leave?” Katia asked.

“We should be settled in Liverpool in about a month.”

“So soon?” Katia gasped.  All the other times, her dad had been given nearly a 6 months’ notice prior to the move. 

"Katia, we need to start preparing for the move.  A month isn’t a lot of time with everything we need to get done.” Her mom added.

“I know.” Katia sighed. “I had plans with Eric tonight...can I go now?”

“Of course.” Her dad responded.  “I’m sorry about this, Katia.  I know you and Eric just started dating and…”

“Don’t worry.  It wasn’t anything serious.” Katia said.  She had hoped it would get serious with Eric, but she didn’t want her dad to feel guiltier that he already seemed to feel.  She knew these talks were hard for him, but she also knew that the reason he took the jobs he was offered was so he could provide for her and her mother- and how could she complain about that?

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