Chapter 1: Two new students

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I woke up to see myself standing, outside of classroom 3-E. I should know because I've seen the anime and there was the fact that the name plate said 3-E. Then there was Shiro beside me.

The man cloaked in Anti-Sensei clothing which was all white.

"Ah. Excuse me." He said as he walked passed me. He entered the classroom and did some sort of magic trick.

I peeked in from the small opening of the door. Maybe this was all a dream. Yeah. I'll make the best out of it!

Then Shiro explained that he was not the new student while Korosensei used his secret liquefication skill.

They greeted each other and Shiro gave Korosensei a gift. A sweet bean paste dessert. He called for Itona to come in.

There was a slight pause but Itona came crashing through the wall behind his seat which was in front of Okuda. Then they all thought 'Use the Damn Door!!' or something like that.

"I am victorious. I have proven myself to be stronger than the walls. That alone is enough. That alone is enough." Creepy right? I liked him better after he loses the tentacles.

I saw that Korosensei had that half-assed expression.

"This is Horibe Itona. I may have spoiled him a bit so please let me watch over him." Shiro said.

Guess it's time to do my stuff. I slowly opened the sliding doors and said "Ummm. May I come in now?"

Guess I figured it out. I was the other transfer student besides Itona. I mean, why else would I stand outside the door while wearing their school uniform while holding my bag.

"A-ah. Kyoko-san. I-I'm very sorry but I forgot about you." He said while his face was light blue and he was crying. That means he was sad I think....

"It's alright sensei. I said while smiling. "Please just introduce me now."

"Alright. Class, this is Kyoko Osamu. She will be joining this class as a new student. Be nice to her." Korosensei said while smiling like usual with his yellow face.

"Kyoko-san please take a seat beside...." He looked around for empty seats while I also looked around. His eyes landed on a seat beside Itona and Ritsu.

That guy. I know what he did to Karma. Oh well, he becomes a nice guy later on so who cares. I might as well befriend him so he'll like me next time.

"O-Osamu-san, p-please take a seat besides Itona-kun." Korosensei said as his faced turned blue that was darker from before and sweat filled his face. (The shock face)

"A-alright." I stuttered. I stuttered??!! I don't want to appear weak and pathetic as hell in this dream!! And I stuttered?!?!

Calm Down. Calm Down.

I walked over to the seat beside Itona and sat down, placing my bag beside me.

"Hey Horibe-san. Nice to meet you, I'm Kyoko. Let's be friends." I said as I smiled and held out my hand for him to shake and if he tries to punch me, I'll fend him off with my Black belt at Karate. Yup. Black. Not white. Black. He walked over to me and put his face close to mine.

"You seem like the strongest in this class. But don't worry, I won't kill you, I'll only kill the people who seem stronger than me." He said while he ruffled my hair. Oh no. Why did he say that to me when it should be to Karma?!?

Maybe it was because I talked to him first. Oh sh*t. I knew I shouldn't have talked to him. Damn me and my fan girl inside telling me to talk to him.

I stared at Itona with a straight face just like how Karma did it. His eyes were swirling and it was obviously creepy but I still kept a straight face cause I'm awesome.

Itona walked over to Korosensei who was eating his sweet bean paste dessert. "In this place, that means only you Korosensei." He said and pointed to Korosensei.

"Does this mean that you would like to fight me Itona-kun? Your strength won't even be able to stand in the same dimension as me though." Korosensei said while still eating his sweet bean paste dessert.

I want some too. *drool. Oh no. I quickly wiped my drool off and gently looked around to see if anybody saw me drooling. Nobody was looking at me strangely. Phew.

And nobody greeted me yet. Their attention is all at Itona. Guess they expected me then. I must have had low grades and was transferred to Class 3-E or beat someone up.

"I can" Itona answered and took out a box exactly like Korosensei's box that had sweet bean paste dessert in it. He held it up to make it face in front of Korosensei's dessert.

"Because we are brothers related by blood." Itona said as he looked at sensei in the eye. Everyone had shocked expressions on them while I tried to not laugh. Brothers. Pffffft.

I looked around again. Nobody noticed me laugh. Good.

"Br...Br.....Br....Brothers?!?!" My classmates all exclaimed.

"Whoever loses will die brother." Itona said. "Pfffft. Hahahaa!!" I laughed quietly and tried my best to hide it. Brother!! Oh man. No way are they brothers, they look nothing alike.

I looked around again! And saw that Karma and Okuda looked at me weirdly. Damnit!! They saw me laughing!!! What am I gonna do?!?

"Hey Kyoko-san, why did you laugh just now?" He asked me and I saw that Okuda-san was listening too. Oh f**k

"U-umm. I....remembered a joke my sister told me!" I said to them and they gave me questioning looks. I grinned at them because I was proud of myself for making up an amazing excuse.


Me: Hey guys. First chapter Yaaay!!!!

Kyoko: Yume-San doesn't own Assassination classroom. Only me and my family. So can I leave now.

Me: Hey! At least be excited for it!

Kyoko: Yipee. *saying it with no enthusiasm at all.

Kaoru: Yay! *saying it with enthusiasm but obviously forced

Kaori: Yaaaaay? *saying it with a questioning voice.

Kyoko: Can I go now?

Kaoru: Me too. I need to study for my finals.

Kaori: I wanna watch some romance movies!

Me: Fine! Leave me alone. I don't care about you guys anyways.

Kaoru&Kyoko&Kaori: *Leaves.

Me:.......................Wait for me you guys!!! *runs after them.

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