Chapter 10: Terasaka

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The class was just chilling around and talking with each other.

I was with Nagisa-kun and Kayano-san, Okuda-san and Karma-kun. Aaah, my two favorite couples...

"You guys, come look at this!! Something happened to the pool!" Okajima-kun said, rushing inside the classroom..

We all went outside to see a thrashed swimming pool.

"'s all busted up." Maehara-kun said.

"Bitch-sensei lost her chance to debut her sexy swimsuit!!" Someone said as I spotted a dumbfounded Bitch-sensei with a snorkel and a towel wrapped around her.

"Even going and throwing garbage awful.." Okuda-san said as she picked up a can.

I spotted the trio of Terasaka Ryoma, Muramatsu Takuya and Yoshida Taisei sneering.

"Uh oh...What a bummer~" Yoshida said.

"No big loss y'know, I mean, pools are a pain in the ass." Muramatsu said.

"What the hell are you looking at, Nagisa." Terasaka said to Nagisa as he walked over to him.

"Do you...think that we're the culprits or something? Is that it? That's not gonna get you anywhere." Terasaka said as he grabbed Nagisa-kun by the collar.

I walked over to Terasaka and grabbed his hand that was touching Nagisa-kun.

"Hands. Off." I said with a cold glare as I squeezed his hand with all my strength.

"Tch." He muttered as he let go off Nagisa-kun.

"Thanks." Nagisa-kun said.

"No prob." I flashed him a smile.

"You're completely right Terasaka-kun, searching for the culprit wouldn't do any good so there is no need to do so." Korosensei said.

In a flash, Korosensei fixed the pool.

"There you go, good as new!! Please go on and play as you always do." Korosensei said.

"Kaaay." We replied.

I looked over to Terasaka's group to see that they have dumbfounded expressions.

Ha!! Serves them right!!

I then walked back to my classmates who were playing around.

At one point, Karma-kun brought out a water gun to shoot Korosensei, making the side of his face all crumpled.

I was walking with Nagisa-kun, Sugino-kun and Karma-kun to the classroom.

Why did I choose to hang out with these guys you ask? I wanted to steal Karma-kun's water gun.

"Is something up with Terasaka?" Sugino-kun said to Nagisa while I was in the background, trying to steal Karma-kun's water gun.

"Give me the gun!!" I shouted to Karma-kun as I pulled the water gun to me.

"It's my gun." Karma-kun said to me as he pulled the gun to his direction.

It became a battle of tug and war.

"Well, those 3 haven't been active in studying or assassinations since the beginning but..." Nagisa-kun said, ignoring me. "You could say that Terasaka-kun's been particularly irritated...and he was probably the main culprit in the pool's destruction."

I stopped pulling to listen to Nagisa-kun. Karma-kun snatched the gun away from me and kept it away.

Damn it. I'll get it next time. Just you wait.

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