Chapter 13: Tentacles *^*

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Score high! High!!

As I though of those words Karma yawned.

Oi, what the h*ll?!

"Hey Karma-kun! Please take your studies seriously! You could aim for the top composite score easily enough!" Korosensei shouted at him.

"I'd be able to get it without you saying anything. Thanks to your teaching methods." Karma said. "But y'know, lately you've only been going on about taking the 'top score' and you're becoming as sh*tty and boring as any teacher."

"Huh?! What the h*ll are you saying Karma! We've gotta show those A as in *ss class that they're actually stupid no brains!" I said to him.

"That aside, what are you planning to do? I'm betting that those conditions class A set in place have some sort of hidden trick to them." Karma explained.

"Don't worry about it Karma! I mean, we've got nothing left to lose." Okajima-kun said.

"If we can ask for anything, I'd love to be able to use the cafeteria!" Kurahashi-san said.

"I'd love to see them serve us as servants! That would be awesome..." I chuckled darkly, imagining them doing stupid stuff.

"Nurufufufu, Sensei has thought of something for that. I was looking at this school's pamphlet, and found something we would definitely want." Korosensei said as he showed as a pamphlet. "What do you think about ordering them to give us this."

Whoa. That looks so effin' fun~

"You have all experienced the very bottom. That's why next I would like you to experience fighting for the very top." Korosensei said as he showed us his tentacles which labeled each subject. "Between my tentacles and that, you have more than enough incentive. If you're assassins, you will take the top spots that's in your sights!"

Time Skip ~~~

The test is here.

I am so gonna ace this test.

I am so gonna ace this math test.

Not japanese. Math. I'm better in math after all because....

(You can skip this)

Just the feeling of getting the problem done is amazing by itself! And you not only need to memorize the formulas but you also need to understand. Understand and apply it to the problem. And it becomes a chain. A chain where I will solve multiple problems. And after getting the problem solved you double check to make sure! Aaah, it's just...simply amazing....the feeling of getting it all done~

"Hey Karma." I greeted the guy as he was entering the classroom.

"What happened to -kun?" He asked me with a bored face.

"It got lost and obliterated by your stupidity and arrogance." I said with a straight face.

"Well... it's not like you can take the top score in math." He said.

*irk mark

"Just you wait! I am so gonna shove A as in *ss class and your *ss up your face!" After that rant I entered the classroom with a 'hmph'.

After I seated, our tests got handed out.

Oh god. I'm freaking out.

Breath in. Breath out. Write the kanji for person in my palm and drink it.


Brain: on

Time to shoot them all dead.

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