Chapter 2: Why isn't anyone cheering?!!?

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"We are siblings, there are no need for petty tricks. Niisan. I will kill you and prove my strength. It will be after school, here in this classroom. Today will be your last class. Say your goodbyes to them now."
Itona said as he left through the hole he made in the wall.

"Wait a second, Sensei what does he mean he's your brother?!!?" Someone asked.

"To start with, octopuses and humans are completely different!!!" Someone else shouted.

"Yeah, sensei!! He doesn't look ANYTHING like you!!" That was me.

"Wait a second, I don't know anything about this!! I was born and raised an only child!! If I told my parents that I wanted a younger sibling.....things would have been awkward!!!" Sensei said while sweating.

Does he have any parents in the first place??!!

After a while, everyone started to calm down and bring out their lunch.
"Kyoko-chan, would you like to eat lunch with us?" Kaede-chan asked me with Okuda-san and Kanzaki-san.

"Of course!" I exclaimed cheerfully. Then we began to arrange the tables so that it became a square. We all sat down and they took out their lunch while I just sat there looking dead.

"Osamu-san, why aren't you eating your lunch?" Kanzaki-San asked me.

"I-I-I lunch." I said looking depressed. More like I don't have lunch. I don't even know where my house is.

"Then I'll give you some!" Kayano said to me as she placed the lid of her lunch box in front of me. She placed some food in it.
"I'll give you some too." Kanzaki-San said while smiling and placing food there too.
"M-me too." Okuda-San said while looking shy and placing some food too.

"E-everyone." I started sniffling at how kind they were.

"A-arigato minna" I said but then I realized that I don't have chopsticks.

"Hai. I have an extra pair."Kanzaki-san said and handed me a pair of chopsticks.

"Thank you soooo much. I'll return it to you tomorrow after I wash it." If I even have a house.

"If you insist." Kanzaki-San said smiling.

Then a bit later, Itona went back to the classroom with a bunch load of snacks. I want some too~ Chocolate...

"He's really packing those snacks in there." Maehara-kun said.

"Their expressions are both hard to read too." Isogai-kun said.

"They both have tentacles too." I said.

There was a slight pause.

"What do you mean tentacles?!?!" Someone shouted.

"Where the hell are the tentacles in Itona!!" Someone else shouted.

"Uuuh. I-I meant!! Yeah his hair is sticking out all over the place that it looks like tentacles!" I exclaimed.

"No it doesn't."

"Yeah, it doesn't."

"I agree."

"Well, I think it looks like tentacles alright!!" I shouted at them.

Just when I swore that I saw Okajima-kun open his mouth to shout back, Korosensei took out a magazine with girls in it and Itona took out the exact same one.

They're even the same in liking big boobs!!!

"I suddenly see them in a more realistic light!!" Okajima exclaimed.

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