Chapter 12: Stupid ugly....

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"Nurufufufu, throughout the semester you've all gotten a strong grasp of the basics. At this rate, you can expect your grades on the finals to jump considerably." Korosensei said while traveling at Mach 20 speed around the forest he made us go to. The speed is so fast that it made clones of him and he taught us one by one.

"Korosensei, are we all going to aim for the top 50 again this time?" Nagisa asked a Korosensei clone.

"Nope. Last time sensei was only worrying about your composite scores. Each student should have a goal suited to him or herself." Korosensei said while holding up to flash cards with the words 'fit' and 'target' on it. "So this time...I have created the perfect objective for this assassination classroom."

Korosensei spotted Terasaka and started massaging his shoulders. "D-don't worry!! It's an objective that will even give Terasala-kun an opportunity!"

"But Korosensei~ I wasn't here last time." I whined, hoping that I won't have to take the test. "So can I not take it?"

"That isn't a valid excuse Kyoko-san." He said with a big stupid X on his face. Ugh.

"Now then, as Shiro-san previously mentioned, losing tentacles makes me move slower." Korosensei started explaining. He then shot off one of his tentacles legs.

"Even if they're only decreased by one, it has a clear effect. Take a look if you would. I am unable to maintain all of my duplicates, so there may be some child-sized ones mixed in." Korosensei said while his clones became small.

"Take a look. The child duplicates increase all more...and the parent duplicates will worry how they're household will manage." Korosensei said.

"This has gotten kind of painful." One classmate said.

"Eh, it's the parents' fault for making more children." I said to whoever said that.

"Decrease it yet another and the father duplicate vanishes into thin air. The mother duplicate is then forced to work and raise the children all by herself." Korosensei said.

"That's just depressing!!" Someone shouted.

"I've tested it a variety of ways and this is the result. Each tentacles loss reduces about 20%!" Korosensei explained. "...and that brings us back to your tests. Last time you were assessed by your composite score but this time you will all be evaluated by your strongest subject as well."

"On the return of your exam papers, I will allow you to destroy one tentacle for each subject where you score the top in your grade." Korosensei said "I'm sure that you can see that this is a great opportunity for you. If you take the top spots in composite score in all five subjects you will be able to destroy 6 tentacles. This is our assassination classroom's end-of-term exam."

"Whether this will bring you all closer to the reward of 10 billion is dependent on your abilities." Korosensei finished.

"You better believe it will take us closer to the 10 billion! I'm gonna kick your octopus butt!" I shouted to him.

Time skip~~

"You're obviously fired up for this huh Okuda-san?" Karma-kun asked her.

"Yes!! If you're talking about science, I have a lot of pride in my abilities! I might be able to help everyone out!" Okuda-san exclaimed happily.

"Me? I pride myself in Japanese! I'm really good at it!" I said. And it's all because of the anime and manga that I'm reading. Who said watching anime isn't useful?!!

"Heh, nobody asked you." Karma scoffed stupidly like the stupid guy he is.

"What'd you say punk?!!" I glared at him.

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