Not a chapter! A voting!

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Sorry! It's not a chapter, I'm working on the next one so calm your....shiz.

Votes for OTP of Kyoko?

I didn't really think of it until now but I think it's time for Kyoko. She's in that age you know? While we're talking about this Kyoko is studying her butt off so we're safe.

Anyway any character is fine. Nagisa, Karma, Itona and the other guys are all fine but I'd go with Itona. I'm a big KarmaxOkuda shipper after all but if you want to vote for Karma it's okay.

My vote still goes with Itona sooo...

Itona: 1

But maybe I'll change it.

I'm making another OC after all. His name is Ryuu and he's just as crazy as Kyoko! If not more...

I'll post the results after every chapter and after the disclaimer. Just comment on whoever you want.

And don't try voting twice! My memory's not that bad!

And in case somebody doesn't know what an OTP is, it means one true pairing.

And the voting will end on...ummm...probably the end of the story.

So that means plenty of time left!

And vote only!

Until next time~

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