Chapter 6: Child Abuse

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Karasuma P.O.V.

"Keep your eyes peeled! Predict your target's next move!! If all of you anticipate his movements, you will cut off his means of escape!!" I said to them while I was dodging and defending the students' attacks.

In the four months that I came here, the number of students with 'potential' has increased. Isogai Yuma and Maehara Hiroto. They're a combination who get along well and have great reflexes. These two alone have increased the number of successful knife hits against me.

They grazed my shoulder a bit with an anti-sensei knife. "Good. You each gain one point! Next!!" I said, calling for the next students.

Akabane Karma. at first glance, he comes across as being a lazy sort, but....there's a strong sense of mischief in his eyes. In some respects, he believes that dealing a decisive blow against me will bring out my humiliation but....does he truly think that it will be that easy?

As for the girls... There's Okano Hinata, a former member of the gymnastics club who can catch you off guard with her movements.

And Kataoka Megu who possesses both momentum and a constitution equal to the boys. Both are beyond excellent as close-range attackers. And then there's Korosensei. "He is truly my ideal image of a teacher. Who would ever think of killing such a noble man!!" Korosensei muttered, entering my thoughts.

"Don't fabricate others' thoughts, get lost Target!!" I said to him.

The bratty Trio of Terasaka Ryoma, Yoshida Taisei and Muramatsu Takuya still lack enthusiasm when it comes to training. Still, since all three have good builds...if they took it seriously, they would become great fighters.

Looking at the class as a whole, the students' assassination skills are improving at an exceptional rate. Although none of the other students stand out.

Just then....I felt a gust of wind at the left side of my next and a killing intent like a spider about to sting me. I quickly elbowed someone at my back out of instinct.

I looked back to see that Kyoko was launched back by my hit.

Kyoko P.O.V.

I was about to launch an attack at Karasuma-sensei when he hit me with his elbow. Hard. And I was launched back through the grass. Ow!!!

"What the hell, sensei?!?! Why'd you do that? This is child abuse!!" I screamed to Karasuma-sensei.

"Sorry, I swung a bit too hard. Can you stand?" He asked me.

"Of course I can stand!! Do you think a simple jab in the stomach would let me not stand up?!?!" I said to Karasuma-sensei. He sweat dropped at my accusation.

I walked back to Kayano-san.
"Well that was unexpected. Who knew Karauma-sensei would hit you like that?" She said.

"Tch." I muttered. "I almost had him."

Karasuma P.O.V.

Kyoko Osamu. She looks a bit innocent but is quite strong nonetheless. She is sneaky and makes no sound when approaching the target. Her temper could be a problem though. Could I have imagined that strange presence I felt just now?

And, once again, I felt a gust of wind at the right side of my neck and killing intent like a snake about to bite me. I quickly jabbed that person out of instinct again. I saw Nagisa on the floor.

"Sorry, I swung a bit too hard again, are you okay?" I asked him.

"Child Abuse!!" I heard Kyoko shout from afar. I sweat dropped again.

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