On the journey

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"Sorry, mom" "where are you, honey, i've been looking for you" my mom said. I didn't know what to say but i just say that i'll be home in 5 minutes. I panicked and told henry "henry, what should i do, i cant be home at 5 minutes!, my house is quite far!" He said " no worries" he took her phone and made a phone call saying " hey, jo prepare my vehicle at 5th avenue shopping" he grabbed my hands and run towards the highest building, i was confused "henry, what are you doing, someone will pick you at the lobby, right?you said it's a vehicle!" He said "i didn't say it was a car.." I was confused, shocked, thrilled!! Suddenly a helicopter came!! He said to a guy walking out from the helicopter " thanks, jo" i asked him confusedly " you drive this thing?" He replied "yes. By the way us there any field or a big stretch of land near your house?" I said "yes, exactly in front of my house."

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