How it all begins...

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Hi i'm Dally Viemens i'm only 21 and i just graduated from university, not like other kids, i'm currently single. I have tried lots of dating website to find a guy but... Never get one. One day, i was hanging out with my friends my friend invited another guest, his name is Henry Morgan. At first i didn't have interest in him until he ask me to hangout at a nearby club. The next day i was prepared to the club, just for a REGULAR hang out. We had couple of drinks but not drunk. He suddenly came closer to me and kissed me!!!! I was so freaked out that i didn't know what should i do!! It's just this feeling inside me that told me to kiss him back, i didnt know how it happened but we just make out. Just like that. The next morning, i kept thinking about it and start to have interest to him. I even spilled my milk because of thinking that! My mom asked "lily, what's wrong?" I was panicked that i only said "i'm fine, mom" and my mom smiled.

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