A trip to...

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After that fabulous spa, henry asked me "lily, please, let's travel" i just said yes, like nothing happened. I called my mom and said i want to travel with henry and my mom said yes, as long as u take care myself. So i was really blind, didnt know where were we going... Suddenly henry said " hello Paris" i didnt know what to say or what word to say!! We landed in paris and he took me to the Eiffel tower! he we took the elevator and went to the highest floor. And the he said " i wanna talk to you..."

~ Hey, if you want this book to continue, please follow me and I promise I will make the sequel, thanks for reading!!!

"Dally Lilian Viemens, our love story has been like a rainbow, full of colors and adventures. And i want to see more, more of you...will you marry me?" I was shocked!."look, Henry, i'm still young but love conquers all and nothing can stand in front of our love and make boundaries between us, so...yessss, i will marry you..."we kissed in the eiffel tower.

We told our friends and families and told them to take henry's private plane to paris. We finally got married and lived happily.

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