The morning...

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I woke up and he woke up too. We had our morning kiss. "Last night was great, thanks lily, you made my day" Henry said. " i am the one who should say thank you to you for the great night!" I laughed. I had breakfast with him, made by his chef. After breakfast, he asked me " hey, lily wanna go jogging?" "I want to but, i don't bring my training pants, my shoes.." "No worries" henry said. " i have girls clothing here, my mom used to live here." I directly said "okay then, i'd live it!" We went jogging and he bought brought me to this mall and just picking stuff for me. Without looking at the price tag. At first i was confused, i asked him " what for is all of that, your mom is not living with you anymore?" He replied "it's all for you, my love" so we went out of the mall and my phone was ringing. Guess mom called!! I freaked out that i forgot that i said to my mom that i was doing i project!! So i answered the phone.

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