Chapter 2

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Chapter 2

"I had a lot of fun today" Lilie told me as we walked to her front door

"Me too" I said as I grabbed my bag

"I am sorry you have to leave now"

"Is fine don't worry" I said while hugging her

"Do you need a ride back home? I can ask if I can take you"

"No is fine don't worry, go your dad is waiting for you"

"Okay" she said as she hugged me tightly

"Bye chica" I said to Lilie as I exited her house

"Bye Nike! Get home safe! And call me!" Lilie said from her door

"Yeah yeah I will" with a final wave I headed towards my house.

   I kept walking in the direction of my house which is about a couple of miles from Lilie's house. I noticed that it was getting darker every minute. Damn it Lilie! Why did you have to live surrounded by forests! I swear if I get eaten by an animal I am coming back to haunt you and it will not be very pretty sight. I felt the temperature begin to drop and the sky getting darker by the minute. By the hour I could barely see my hand, goose bumps filled my arms. As I walked on I continue to curse Lilie some more under my breath. 

I was snapped out of my thoughts when a twig cracked behind me. I stopped and looked back really fast only to be encounter with nothing. Huh? That's weird is probably a bunny. As soon as I began to resume my walking I heard footsteps following along. As I speeded my steps so did my pursuer, I tried to look back from the corner of my eyes but I could see nothing. I stop so did he, I began walking so did he. I started to get very paranoid, slowly I bend down and grabs a branch. As soon as I straighten my posture a hand clamped over my mouth muffling my scream. 

"Shhh little one, don't scream" my attacker said. I began to struggle against his grip only to get his arm tighten around my waist more in a painful way. 

"Stop fighting unless you want to get hurt" my attacker hissed in my ear. Stop fighting my ass. I step on his foot hard and head butt him making him hiss in pain and loosen his grip. I elbowed him in the stomach and using the branch I hit him in his groin. He was in the floor whimpering in pain.

 Dropping the branch I took off running. As I was getting closer home my hopes started to rise as well only to be crashed down when I was tackled to the floor. Stinging pain filled my hands as rocks and dirt penetrated my skin. Turning around I attacked my tackler.

Rolling off him I stood up to run again when my ankle was grabbed and pulled. Losing my balanced I felled. Thank God my hands safe me from getting serious face damage but they hurt like hell! Looking back to see my attacker as he pulled me towards him. Oh hex no! I'm not going down!

 Bringing my foot up I slammed it on his face. He let out a mouth full of curses; jumping on him I began hitting him with a branch. As I was betting the crap out of him something hit me in the back of my head making me fall forward only to be caught by a pair of arms. The last thing I saw was a pair of bright green eyes before the darkness consumed me.

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