Chapter 39: Purpose

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"And now," Naruto growled. "I'm going to show you exactly why the Council voted to exile me!"

Danzo had made a miscalculation. No, that would be putting it lightly. The situation the Root leader found himself was unlike anything he'd ever encountered before. The angry mismatched eyes glaring furiously down on him, the killing intent so focused that it made his stomach want to void itself. 

The feeling he had strike his heart was one of fear. What type of monster did he just poke? His vision began getting hazy, the grip on his neck felt as if an entire house was falling down on all sides. He barely heard the door slam opened.

"Naruto!" Minato shouted, Inoichi at his side with a panicked expression along with two Anbu members who had drawn their swords. "Drop him at once!" Naruto's rage infested face twisted dangerously as his eyes widened. He never looked away from Danzo as he spoke.

"You don't know this man like I know him," Naruto whispered. "He's nothing but a coward, who will use anything or anyone as a stepping stone. If I don't kill him right now, then he'll just get away." 

"I said let him go!" Minato shouted again, brandishing a Flying Thunder God kunai, his eyes narrowing as he pursed his lips into a thin line.

"What you say might be true," Inoichi yelled, fighting through his fear of the boy. "But even so, attacking one of the elders of the Council is not how you deal with internal threats!" Naruto didn't release Danzo, who had lost all feeling out of his limbs, drools coming from his mouth as his eye began to roll back into his head. 

Minato threw the kunai at Naruto, living up to his name as the Yellow Flash as a Rasengan formed in his right hand instantly. Naruto finally turned to his father, his eyes widening in betrayal, the world moving in slow motion. 

He felt his throat catch itself, his eyes burned as he saw the kunai coming straight for him. He knew this move. He had seen it and even used it in the war against Obito and Madara alongside his father. And now, the move was being used on him. 

He could barely form the words, but Minato saw the blond's lips moving  and read them accurately. "Almighty Push." Without wasting a single moment, Minato grabbed ahold on the Anbu members and Inoichi before disappearing in a flash, leaving Danzo. 

Danzo exploded in an invisible burst of power as Naruto's Rinnegan eye glowed, the wooden roof and walls of the Hokage Tower being turned into splinters in the matter of a second, a repulse shooting through the air as the room and the rest of the Hokage Tower was obliterated by the Rinnegan's power. 

Naruto landed on his feet, standing among the debris of the Hokage Tower as he felt multiple chakra signatures closing in. His frown was shaky and he grabbed at his hair. "What's wrong with me?" He whispered, tears welling up in his eyes. "Why am I always the bad guy?" 

Naruto became surrounded by hundreds of shinobi in a matter of seconds, all of them glaring at him and brandishing weapons. He recognized a majority of these shinobi, either from his first life or the second, they were his comrades. 

And now they wanted him dead. 

Naruto looked up at the sky and dropped to his knees. He couldn't. Not anymore. The world wasn't worth the pain, he imagined as the tears crawled down his cheeks like a stream.

"Naruto Uzumaki," He heard Minato's 'Kage' voice come from behind him. "I don't need to say anything, do I?" Naruto didn't have the strength to look over his shoulder. He knew it. He was going to die. 

What was the purpose? He'd just be transported to a different world. For better or for worse, he would just keep dying until he stayed dead. Until he didn't wake up in his old bed again. He hung his head and looked at the ground, a busted pipe laid underneath him and had created a small puddle of water.

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