Chapter 1

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And I won't let you get me down
 I'll keep gettin' up when I hit the ground
Oh, never give up, no, never give up no, no

This was it. This was the moment. The moment she would finally escape prison.
Satan was away for the rest of the week doing god knows what and her boy toy Jason had a runner he was going after, so the jailhouse stood empty of guards.

She prepared everything for this day. A bank account with all the money she had made buying and selling stock, a new id for travelling just in case Satan were to come back early and bus tickets to bring her all the way home.

Home. To him. Noah. Her protective knight. After so many years apart, she would finally go home. home...

A foreign word to her. The phrase home is where the heart is. Yet they broke that years ago. She would forgive them, if they repaired it again. Blood is supposed to be thicker than water, right?

With the route Adelaide had scoped out, it would take her all day today and tomorrow to reach the house. She would be there on her own birthday. Surprise! She already had thought out a plausible story line if anyone were to ask her why she was travelling alone.

She had also made a contingency plan in case the reunion would not go as she dreamed it would.

She had planned everything out during school hours. Every detail was listed in her head.

Over the years, school was her safe zone. No one could harm her nor touch her. School was also a very interesting place to learn different things about the world. The extra credit computer classes were supposed to teach her from the basics, how to use a computer up to how to build your own website. Adelaide however found out how the stock market worked and how to hack into servers and government databases. With that, she was able to create a whole new persona and a fake family, which could always come in handy.

08.52 am.

The bus would depart at 09.50 am. It normally is a 20 minute walk, but with the injuries Adelaide sustained, she knew she had to leave now if she wanted to make it. She made sure no one could see her injuries on her body by wearing a jumper over her clothes and a cap that hid the big scar on her forehead. Adelaide finally left the house.

Every step hurts. Adelaide kept looking over her shoulders in fear that she would be followed. But after arriving at the bus station just a few minutes before departure, she still saw no one. And when the bus finally left with her on it, she felt like she could finally breathe.

At the first bus stop at the other end of the city, a boy got on the bus and sat next to her.

Adelaide was pretending not to pay any attention around her, but that was all it was. Pretend.

Adelaide pretended she was fine. She pretended she was happy. But on the inside she was not. She was plagued by dark memories. Hurtful phrases and scars. She hated how scared she was of the world. The simplest thing as a young stranger sitting next to her, gave her severe anxiety.

Thanks for that, Satan.

"Where is the end of your destination?" The boy next to her asked. He had a slight accent that was intriguing. She never met someone that had an accent like that before.

Adelaide looked down at her hands wringing in each other before softly replying that she was going home.

"Oh, and where is home for you, mon coeur?" The boy asked her.

Adelaide mustered up the courage and looked up to the boy next to her. "Los Angeles. Where are you going?"

The boy nodded to her answer. "I am also going home. But my home is a little further away than yours."

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