"I guess that a mess is what you make of it, so why are we still laying in it? I can barely sleep, barely eat, and it's been three whole weeks since I heard you speak." You sang loudly as you washed your hair. Niall was getting a late lunch with the boys so the flat was empty save for you. This, you decided, was the time for singing loudly in the shower. Something you avoided with Niall in the flat to avoid teasing. "Oh it's so hard to take. That eighteen months was built to break. Oh I love mistakes especially ones you've made!" You continued loudly, washing out the shampoo from your hair. "I bet you're sorry!" A voice yelled causing you to scream from fright at the sudden voice. You pushed the shower curtain a bit to fit your head so you could see into the bathroom. A blond Irishman was laughing as he sat on the toilet. "Hey Princess!" He got out through his dying laughter. "You scared me." You informed him which he ignored. "You're a good singer, Y/N." You blushed at his words. Niall grinned at you. "I'll sing with you, we can harmonize." You nodded and started to pull your head back in but your boyfriend came over to you. "But, Princess, Justin Bieber." His crystal blue eyes were wide. "Alright, babe." Niall kissed you lightly before he went back to toilet seat and you went back to the shower. The two of you basically screamed the lyrics to "As Long As You Love Me" for the rest of your shower.


You tipped your head back, washing all the soap and dirt out of your hair. The warm water cascaded down your back as you hummed quietly to yourself, listening to the music that was blaring from your phone. "Oh I'm gonna pop some tags only got twenty dollas in my pocket. I'm I'm I'm huntin', lookin' for a come up. This is fucking awesoommee!" You belted out as you turned off the water and stepped out into the cold air. You toweled off your hair and wrapped the towel tightly around yourself and stepped out of the steaming bathroom. Still humming to yourself you looked up and saw Harry, leaning against the door frame, an amused smirk on his face. "You should try out for X Factor," he joked. You bit your bottom lip and ducked your head down, trying to hide your flaming face. "Aww don't be embarrassed! It was cute," Harry cooed as he tilted your chin up to press a loving kiss to your lips. "Now go get dressed, pop star," he said, dropping his right eye in a wink and giving your bum a playful pat as you scampered off to your room, your cheeks still red with embarrassment.


Your eyes trailed up and down your boyfriend's body. A towel was loosely wrapped around his waist and water droplets clung to the sparse hair he had on his head. Water vapor beaded on the mirror as Liam brushed his teeth. "Hey babe, I'm gonna get in the shower," you said, skipping over to brush your lips against his cheek. He mumbled a consent as he vigorously brushed at his teeth. You smiled and bent over, turning on the water. It was already hot as Liam had just gotten out. You pulled off your clothes and jumped in just as Liam bent over the sink to spit out the toothpaste. After minutes of silence, you thought Liam had left. You opened your mouth a quietly sang a verse of your favorite All Time Low song. "And even though she doesn't believe in love, he's determined to call her bluff," you quietly sang as you lathered your hair with soap. "Who could deny, these butterflies that are filling his gut?" A deep voice responded. You jumped and let out a squeak. "Liam!" You whined, poking your head out from behind the curtain. "What?" He said, turning around to smirk at you. "I thought you left!" You said. Liam grinned, the corners of his eyes crinkling. "Never," he joked. He waved his arms forward. "Continue please," he said, shooting you another smile. You sighed and angrily shut the curtains, refusing to open your mouth. After several moments of silence you sighed and sang the next verse. "Waking the neighbors, unfamiliar faces he pleads though he tries but he's only denied now he's dying to get inside." You heard Liam's deep chuckle and couldn't help but smile as well. He took a breath, preparing to sing the next verse.


You peeled off your layers of clothes and set them on the floor, waiting for the water in the shower to warm up. You danced around a little bit from the cold and tested the water. Deeming it warm enough you jumped in, shivering from the contrast of cold to hot. As you washed you hair free from shampoo, you opened your mouth and began to sing quietly. "A drop in the ocean, a change in the weather," you sang. Unknowingly, you got progressively louder until you were belting out the lyrics to your favorite Ron Pope song. Suddenly the shower curtains were ripped opened and cold air blasted into the shower. "Zayn!" You squealed as you feebly tried to cover your naked body. "I like that song," Zayn said, his amber eyes glinting with amusement as he held the shower curtain open. "I'm sure you do it's on your iPod! Can you please close the curtain it's fucking freezing," you whined as you turned your body to the side to try and shield yourself. Zayn seemed to just now notice you were naked and his lip curled into a smirk as his eyes raked over your body. "Zayn!" You pleaded. Zayn smirked and shut the curtains, making you sigh in relief. Seconds later the curtains opened again and Zayn jumped in next to you. "I can make you scream louder than you were singing," he huskily murmured in your ear. You rolled your eyes and turned around, your nose touching Zayn's. "Horny bastard," you mocked as he passionately connect his lips to yours.


"With a taste of your lips, I'm on a ride. You're toxic I'm slipping under. With a taste of a poison paradise, I'm addicted to you, don't you know that you're toxic. And I love what you do, don't you know that you're toxic." Louis and you shimmied back and forth trying to keep the giggles out during your shower. During this particular shower together, your boyfriend decided it was time for a song. A song was picked, the water turned on, and now lyrics were being sang as the two you danced and showered. "Too high, can't come down." Louis sang. "It's in the air, and it's all around." You sang those lyrics. "Can you feel me now?" Both of you practically screamed at each other. Together you two conquered the chorus whilst switching off conditioning each other's hair. "Don't you know that your toxic!" Louis sang in your ear loudly before pressing a wet kiss to your cheek. You grabbed the loofah and put soap on it before washing Louis's body, lyrics to the chorus spilling from your lips as well as Louis'. "Intoxicate me now, with your loving now." Louis sang as he scrubbed you now. "I think I'm ready now. I think I'm ready now." You sang back biting your bottom lip to keep the giggles out. "Intoxicate me now, with your loving now." He put down the loofah. "I think I'm ready now." You sang-giggled as you stepped under the shower spray, Louis beside you to finish the shower.

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