"Why are you so nervous, Li?" You asked as the two of you sat in his car in front of the restaurant you were meeting your parents. He rubbed the back of his neck slowly as he looked over at you. "I don't know honestly..." He mumbled under his breath. You shot him a reassuring smile as you gently put his hand in yours. "They'll love you Liam...I do." You said leaning forward and gently placing your lips onto his quickly. The two of you got out the car, him quickly snatching your hands up again as you led him into the restaurant easily finding your parents. "Hey, Mum, Dad. This is Liam." You said proudly motioning over to the boy you've grown to love dearly. You parents sent him a welcoming smile instructing the two of you to have a seat. "Nice to finally meet you Liam. Y/N speaks so highly of you every time she stops by." Your father said and Liam let out a deep breath as he began to relax beside you.


"Princess when will your parents be arriving...I'm starving." He mumbled as he glanced over at the dining table staring intently at the food spread out across the table. "Sorry we took a while to arrive, son" your mother said from behind him causing him to jump a little. He turned around rapidly smiling brightly at your mother as he shook his head. "Oh no, I didn't mean it like that ma'am. I'm just really hungry and Y/N been taunting me with food." He said his cheeks growing slightly red causing your mother to let out a light laugh as she nodded in response. "I'm Niall by the way." He said extending his hand out to her but she ignored it pulling him into a warm hug. "Now I see where Princess gets her looks from, ma'am." He said as they pulled away from the hug and your mother let out a giggle. "Are you hitting on my wife?" A deep voice from behind him and he froze. " sir. I was just letting her know that I find her and Princess to be beautiful women." He said bringing his hand up to the back of his neck, as his cheeks grew hotter. Your father raised his brow at him nodding slowly. "You call her princess too, huh?" Your father said as he draped his arm over your shoulder securely, pulling you closer to him as you giggled watching Niall grow a bit nervous.


"You sure tattoos don't bother your parents?" He asked as he followed you into your parents' house and you nodded. "Babe did you forget I have tattoos as well." You said laughing a little as you lead him further into your parents' house. Your father sat on the couch watching the football game, scowling at the screen. "Dad, this is Zayn." You said motioning over to him as he stood with his hands shoved into his pockets. "Hello. It's nice to meet you Sir." He said rocking on his feet. Your dad nodded curtly at him, his gaze not leaving the television screen. "Do you watch football, son?" "Yeah I do, sir." Your father patted the seat beside him signaling Zayn to sit down. "You're mother's in the kitchen Y/N...unless you want to watch the game with us." Your father said letting his gaze fall upon you briefly. "Are you getting rid of me dad?" You asked with a raised brow. "I just want to get to know the lad."


"So your name's Lewis?" Your father questioned with a raised brow and Louis nodded a smile on his lips. "No's Louis." He said shrugging his shoulders. Your father shook his head placing his elbows on the table. "I'm just going to call you Lou, like Y/N here." He said nodding slowly. "Can I call you dad?" Louis said jokingly and your father chuckled shaking his head. "No you can't. You can call me by my first name though." He said laughing a little. "But we're getting married." He muttered causing your mother to choke on her water a bit. The two of you started laughing at your parents' reaction. "I'm only joking...we aren't getting married yet so don't worry." He said smiling at them both. "Thank goodness. You two are still young." Your father said relaxing in his seat. "You're a funny chap...Y/N needs someone like you." Your mother said smiling over at the two of you.


"I can help you with dinner." Harry said standing up from his seat making his way toward your mother who smiled at him thankfully. "Really? Y/N never wants to help with dinner...she would rather watch television with her father." Your mother said playfully scowling at you and you rolled your eyes a smile painted on your lips. "Cooking just isn't for me mum." You said your gaze focused on the television with your father. "You go help her with dinner Harry, go be a doll." You muttered glancing over at him quickly and he stuck his middle finger up at you quickly making you gasp. "Something wrong sweetie?" You father asked looking over at you for a moment before letting his eyes fall back on the television and you shook your head. You watched as Harry stalked off into the kitchen following after your mother. "That's a nice boy you got there. Helping your mother and with dinner and stuff." Your father mumbled as he stared at the television.

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