...he makes this muffled whimper against you're neck, as your back quickly hits the mattress. He grabs your ankles, tightening them more around his back, shifting you closer to one of his body parts which is throbbing most for you. "You're so very naughty," he finds himself muttering, eyes darkening with lust, "I like it"

...his smile soon fades once he feels you pushing against him, your actions more sexual for the time being until he gets the hint. The redness on his face forms, not from anger or embarrassment but from lust. "You're getting yourself into trouble" he growls, getting turned on to so much he might burst, "I guess I'll have to punish you."

...he continues to kiss you, somehow managing to keep you up with one hand on your bum and the other trailing onto your stomach and through the fabric you dared to call your shorts. He moans slightly into your mouth, the hand on your backside tightening the hold on you as he whispers, "do you mind if I...?". You quickly nod your head as he smiles, leading you to the bedroom.

...his drunken kisses fall down to your neck as he carries you to the bedroom, his actions fumbling and clumsily so before he viciously drops you down on the bed, crashing down on you but not crushing you. Your legs are still wrapped tightly around his hips as you kiss his back. "Like this" he mumbles as he kisses your neck once again, "I'm going to fuck you like this...".

...he pushes you up against the wall, your height now levels to him as he hoists you up with those big, strong and defined arms of his. He presses his hips and long legs against you. "You're making me go crazy" he mumbles, along the lines of kisses. He presses you harder against the paint as he bites and sucks at your neck, "so damn crazy..."

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