You're currently standing the opposing side to the love of your life, the person who puts you through pain and happiness at the same time, you finally broke the silence, pain engulfing your voice which is cracking at each word "Is it true?" you had heard rumors all the time of Harry cheating but you never wanted to listen but now you saw the proof, text messages from the girls, you wish it was just one but there were multiple; he looked up from where he sat hands clasped to each other his head hung "Babe I-" he stopped his voice breaking as a tear fell down the side of his face "It is isn't it, oh god Harry why?" You said sitting on the edge of your bed with items scattered across the floor from the tantrum you threw earlier "I'm so sorry baby" you cringed at the words baby, a word that use to sound so simple and light, full of truth now sounded like a forced word heavy with lies. "Harry please" You had no more words, surely you didn't want to give up on what you and Harry had but you were broken. You crawled into bed and pulled the covers up. You waited until you heard your bedroom door close to begin crying, was it really that easy?


You were awoken by the front door crashing shut, you knew it was Niall since he had went out with the boys and the band at around 9 which you argued about slightly because he had just gotten home from tour but he'd been out every night and it was breaking you down. you had the idea you were not enough for him and he didn't need you anymore, nor did he want you or spend time with you. The bed dipped down and you smelt drinks, and a strong smell of perfume. You turned to face him, he was already out. You saw the love bites on his neck, the lipstick stains and makeup brushed against his white tee, you felt the tears welling up assuring the thoughts you felt before weren't just theories or you overreacting because it was true, he had found someone else that replaced you, someone who was better than you. You crept out of the room and locked yourself in the bathroom balling your eyes out debating what to do now that the person you love and care most for in this world broke your heart and threw you away without a care in the world.


You laid cuddled with your blanket on the couch, scrolling through twitter when you saw multiple "sorry Y/N" you were confused and investigated deeper, you came across multiple tweets about Zayn and another girl you didn't want to jump to conclusions so you got off of twitter and walked to your bedroom door before knocking you heard laughing and you stopped waiting for it to finish "No, I'm home... Yeah she's home too, come over later yeah?" Your heart shattered. you opened the door and glared at him as he was hanging up, He smiled at you almost looking guilty "Hey babe" you shook your head "Really Zayn, Again?" this wasn't the first time there was evidence of him cheating but you always say boys will be boys and as long as he comes home to you, everything was OK. But that was earlier in the relationship and now you were suppose to be deeply committed "What do you mean?" he sat up now. "I saw all that shit on twitter, and now you're in here inviting a girl to our apartment?" His initial reaction to everything is anger "Stop jumping to conclusions, you're so fucking insecure" you began crying "I'm insecure, you're insecure since you can't even be man enough to admit that you cheated on me!" He got up "Fine, I cheated. Does that make you feel better? I fucked another girl how about that for man enough?" he stormed past you, slamming the door to the flat. You instantly slid down onto the floor, with the door for support, as you broke down in tears, along with your whole world.


You called your boyfriend, you had just finished opening the gift he sent you from tour and you were excited to thank him and tell him how much you missed him too. You heard the ringing and it only made your heart race more. The phone finally clicked, as you waited in anticipation to hear your boyfriend's voice. But instead you heard a chuckle before a voice spoke that certainly wasn't Louis'. "Hello?" The girl asked giggling "Who is this?" you spoke your happiness dwindling to anger "This is-" she moaned "Who is it babe?" you heard the voice you knew as your loving and faithful boyfriend. "I don't know" she responded before you heard shuffling "Hello?" you breathed and anger boiled "How could you?" is all you said before the line went dead. You threw the gift down and the picture of the both of you on your bedside table to the floor the glass smashing, what you thought was perfect was slowly crashing down to the imperfection all the fans spoke about.


It was Saturday morning and you decided to straighten up. Liam was at the studio today and you just wanted to spend some time inside. As you were changing the sheets on the bed you found a bra, one you couldn't fit in as it was smaller than yours. There was a million thoughts going through your head per minute. Liam loves you too much is all you thought, but then you thought love has nothing to do with lust. You were starting to break your own heart with the constant bad thoughts that you tried your hardest to bloke out but that wasn't happening anytime soon. You stayed on the couch until he came home. The door opened and he came in smiling. He sat down and tried to place a kiss on your cheek but you moved away. "What's wrong?" He asked. You lifted up the bra. "What's this?" the room fell silent and Liam shuffled uncomfortably "Uh, A bra?" he questioned. You laughed annoyed with his pathetic approach to the situation. "I know that, whose is it Liam because it sure as hell isn't mine" you screamed in his face in pure rage that you never brought out in your life. You were angry now at the fact he tried to play dumb, he didn't say anything but tears fell from his face that's was the answer you needed as you walked out of the room, leaving Liam behind.

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