The Day

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*Today is the day* I think to myself as I look at myself in the mirror, My wedding dress gorgeously touching the floor, I start tearing up, Imagining a lifetime with them.

I chuckle as I hear the bells ring, I start making my way down to the hall, I stand right there, 2 of my friends that I met a couple of weeks ago helping me out, one grabbing the back of my dress, while the other one is the flower girl, I look at them, they are all standing there,Looking back at me while tearing up, I start tearing up again.

I slowly make my way to them, and I as I get there, tears are dropping down

I stand right in front of them, Jin, Grabs the ring box, and opens it, He gives me each ring, while I put them on their fingers, and the last one, Namjoon Puts it on my finger

I chuckle and wipe my tears, I kiss each of them, and we go in a group hug.

We were in a hurry to go to our Honey moon, so we didn't hire anyone, we did it on a church we rented and invited some people.

We start making our way to the car outside as people cheer, I feel like the happiest person ever. I enter the car and others then follow behind me, Making our way to the hotel. (You know what's going to happen🤫)

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