Time to go

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I felt proud of myself since they loved what I made after they were done I asked

Y/n: what are your names? I only know your nicknames

They all introduced to me and after they did I stood up to shower but before I left namjoon said

Rm: by the way we are leaving today at 5 pm on the night we are going back to Korea which is since is 15 hours long so we need to rest at the plane

Y/n: wait I thought you all lived here?

Rm: we have a house on every place we go

Y/n: makes sense, well I'm going to shower now peace.

Namjoons POV

Namjoon: she's an angel...

Jimin: Back up, ima make her fall in love with me

Yoongi: you guys are lunatic if you think she's gonna fall for you and not me

Hoseok: STOP! we cannot share her can we

Namjoon: idk I'm very confused but I will search on google later for now just get ready and pack up cuz we have to go at 5 and it is already 12 pm

Everyone except namjoon: ok

Times skips

We were in our way to the airport but we had mask and hats on us so nobody could see us, when we got there y/n was already sleeping so I had no choice but to carried her I didn't wanna wake her up

she is so cute while sleeping so I carried her bridal style and we got to the airport successfully without nobody seeing us

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