Plane time

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Namjoon's POV

Once we were on our private plane I put her on those seat that you can bend down, when I was about to go to my seat I felt something grabbing my hand and it was y/n

Y/n: where are bt21?

Me(namjoon):they aren't coming with us, they are on their bt21 world

I was going to go she grabbed my hand again and said

Y/n: can you stay next to me please?


Y/n: "mumbles" I'm scared of flying in planes

Me: you are what?

Y/n: I'm..... s-scare of flying in planes

Me: it is ok, nothing is going to happen

Then I sit next to her and I grabbed her hand, I could see everyone jealous probably they wish they were in my place, as soon as the plane started to move she started squeezing my hand harder and harder as she starts to panic, she's having an anxiety attack

Namjoon: Do you want a hug? Those could help with anxious attacks

she did they unexpected, she climbs on top of me and tried to hide her face on my chest, I was kinda of blushing

I'm falling for her.... I still cannot believe how I fall in love with a girl I just met 2 days ago, and so are the other members. After we took of I could feel my shirt kinda of wet and then I realized she was crying

Me(namjoon): are you crying?

Y/n: n-no

Me: are you sure?


She said it loud enough for all the members to hear

Jin: Is everything ok Y/n?

Namjoon: she is scared of flying in planes

Jimin: no worries this is not a plane this is a jet!

"Everyone except y/n and jimin": be quiet!

Taehyung: You roac-

Jin: HEY

Taehyung: what it is true he is a roach he is also a bi-

Jin: do you want me to hit you with my wooden spoon I can also stick it up your bu-

Y/n: "giggles"

Taehyung: YAY! We made her laugh with jin's stupid wooden spoon

Jin: why you little-

Then Jin stood up grabbed his wooden spoon and said

Jin: Run

Then taehyung hid behind jungkook hoping jungkook doesn't say nothing

Jungkook: hey don't put me into this!

Taehyung: just be quiet

Jin:found you "hits taehyung in the head" now go back to your seat we are not supposed to be playing around

Taehyung: yes eomma

Jin: You-

Taehyung: *runs back to seat*

After that I looked over to y/n and she was sleeping in my lap with her head in my chest I decided not to move her and I grabbed my phone so I could listen to music

13 hours later


I felt some turbulence and I started to get worried so I woke up and hugged namjoon tighter since I was scared he notice and said

Namjoon: what is wrong?


Namjoon: " chuckles" no we are just going down we are already on South Korea

Y/n: Oh..

Then I remembered where I was sitting I was sitting on his lap?!?! I didn't wanna move but at the same time It was kinda of awkward so I decided to stay in his lap, man I cannot believe I'm catching feeling to all of them I'm such a slu- I'm literally in love with 7 idols like what?!?!?

Y/n: ima check on the rest of them

Namjoon: they are all sleeping, we are still going down so you shouldn't be standing and last, I want you to be on my lap

He wanted me on his lap!!! What?!?!

Y/n: um well after the fly I won't be able to do fine enjoy while it last ha

Namjoon: yeah but it doesn't mean I can't carry you

Y/n: you wouldn't dar-

Namjoon: oops time to get out the plane

he then carried me on his shoulder like a sack

Y/n: let me down!

Namjoon: maybe later

Y/n: oh cmon! Please~

Namjoon: nope

Y/n: you know all my blood will go into my head and the it will explot-

Namjoon: shhh I cannot talk anymore remember army's? They will recognize my voice

Y/n:ugh it is just an excuse

I then started slapping his butt

Namjoon: Y/n what are you fricking doing

Y/n: *slaps Namjoon's bottom.* nothing

Namjoon: do you  want me to slap your butt and say it was nothing?

Y/n: no

Once we got out I saw the van we were going in

Y/n: can you let me down now?

Namjoon: fin- oh I forgot the van is for only 7 people plus driver and even if jin it's gonna drive the other seat is for my stuff

Y/n: why are you lying?

Namjoon: I'm not

Y/n thoughts: can this be any worse?

Y/n: I want to sit on the back

Namjoon: alright wait

Once everybody got in he told me to go in, I went to the back to see yoongi in there

Y/n: namjoon there is not sit?

Namjoon: you are sitting in yoongis lap

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