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Y/n: Pleaseeeeee

Namjoon: No

Y/n: Pleaseeeeeee

Jimin: No

Y/n: Pretty Pleaseeeee

Jungkook: we already said no, We are not taking bt21

Y/n: but it's not fair! They should be able to explore the world

Namjoon: Dude, They are already grown, Look at them, They already have their houses, Their jobs, AND KIDS.

Y/n: Ugh, I hate how they have grown in only a couple of months, They look like old mans

Jin: One of the reason why we shouldn't take them

Y/n: Ugh fine, I'm going to go finish my bag

Yoongi: Another one?! You already have 5 of them!

Y/n: Jokes on you, This one is empty, Is for all the soaps and mini shampoos we are going to steal from the hotel *evil smirk*

All of them looked shook

Y/n: This one is so that we can steal the breakfast so we don't have to pay for lunch 

Namjoon: I- We will pay for all of that

I look at them and say

Y/n: Damn I didn't know I was dating rich guys

They all look at me confused

Y/n: Uhm- It's a joke

Taehyung: Well what about the other 3 Bags? Including the luggage?

Y/n: Oh yeah so on this one is the food for when we are on our way to Hawaii, This one has all of my clothes and the luggage is stuff that I'll need, My toothbrush, My brush, My lotion, My face cream, soap, Hand sanitizer, You know, the basics.

Jin: I- We are flying in first class! We are going to have free FOOD

Y/n: Fine I'll leave the one with food

Hoseok: *sighs* I'm just, Going to the dance room to practice before we leave, I will put a timer for 8pm so I'm ready

Namjoon: Alright

Y/n: Well I'm going to sleep, Since im gonna have a bad time in the PLANE, WHEN WE COULD OF HAVE GONE IN A BOAT



I stump into my room and shut the door, I go in bed to take a nap and wake up an hour before so I can put everything in the car.

I finish my last bag, and go to sleep

—————————*3 hour later*—————————

I wake up to an alarm, I sighs in annoyance and look at it, it's 7pm

I slightly wake up, and sit up. I enter the bathroom to wash my face, and teeth, I take all of my stuff and put it in the trunk of the car, I grab the guys bags which are barely even full, thank god I made that those seven other bags with clothes from each them which I snuck in the trunk

I finish putting everything in the trunk and I go see what are they doing.

I first go to the dance room and I see Hoseok doing a Vlive, so I quickly go out of the room and I joined the vlive with my phone, I then see hes talking about how we are all going in a trip

I then comment "boom Shaka laka" he reads it and does an annoyance face, I put a shook emoji face and he quickly realizes what he did he then apologizes, But then change the apologize to "I'm sorry, I'm sorry army for having to cancel the concert from last week, we had some inconveniences"

I get out of the live and check the time is 7:30 I go and check on the others

I go to namjoon's room and I see him reading a book
I smile and close his door gently

I then go to Yoongi's room and see him sleeping I sigh and gently close the door

I go to Jin's room and see him watching television, before I could close the door he says "is my face too beautiful that you cannot stop looking at it?" I roll my eyes and told him

Y/n: ok mr WWH I'm checking on you guys and yes it is handsome

Jin: Well I'm about to finish this show to hop in the van

Y/n: alright love you

Jin: I love myself too

Y/n: Ahem

Jin: I mean I love you too

I close the door and I already know Jungkook is playing video games, Taehyung and Jimin are cheering him so I go inside of jungkooks room and since their are facing the tv they cannot see me

I snuck up behind them and whisper

Y/n: Ha, Ha

Taehyung was the first one to get out of his chair with a pencil and Jimin took his shoe out, Jungkook got ready to fight and then they see me and I lose it

I start laughing like crazy and they all just sit down to finish with the game

Y/n: that's what you get for playing scary video games at night

Jungkook: Yeah yeah

Y/n: you guys get ready it's about to be 8pm

They nod and I decided to cuddle with Yoongi a little while, and I thought he was sleeping, not until he turn around grabbed my waist and pulled me closer, I smile and put my head on his chest, We were starting to fall asleep when and alarm woke us up

Yoongi: It's already 8

Y/n: How do you know?

Yoongi: Namjoon has this big alarm and since his room is right in front of me I always wake up when he wakes up

I laugh and we both get out of bed, everyone got out of their rooms and we start going inside the van, they already knew that I putted everything in the back, Once everyone was in and Jin started the van, The van was barely pulling out they all looked at me

Y/n:...I may have put a extra bag...

——————————-1 hour later—————————-

We were finally here and they all got out, They open the trunk and look at me

Y/n: It's just an extra bag.....

I say smiling

Y/n: By the way can you help me

I gave them 3 bags each and I carried the luggage

They were all tired when we finally got to our seats in the waiting room I notice how we were the only ones in the waiting room

Y/n: why are we the only ones here?

Namjoon; We are taking a private plane

I sigh and give them all a bottle of water

Soon the plane arrived and we all go in

This is going to be a bad day for me...

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