Hawaii (part 2)

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Y/n's pov

Here I am, sitting in Jungkook's lap, scared that we are gonna die, I'm crying into his white shirt, he was unbothered listening to some music already knowing my fear. That's until he notices the stains on his shirt

Jungkook: Yah! Are you ok?

Y/n: y-yeah I'm ok

Jungkook: are you sure?

y/n: you already know I'm not ok! shut the hell up!

Jungkook: you little-

Jin: Yah! leave the girl alone, she's scared of planes dumb b-

Namjoon: at this point, you guys are scaring  Y/N even more

Yoongi: keep it tf down damn, annoying b*tches I'm trying to sleep

Jin: Enough! let's just enjoy this last hour of flight, we left at 10 pm and it's already 5 am, you guys better sleep, or else you will be sleepy while we are exploring new things

Jungkooks POV

I look down to see our princess finally sleeping, I sigh before I take my headphones off and try to sleep too

1 hour later-----------------------------------------------


I woke up due to a relaxing ocean and music surrounding me, I slightly open my eyes to see how I'm being carried by Tae, I close them quickly when he snaps his neck toward my face, I try to hold my giggles, after a few minutes I hear a door open, he closes it and then drops me in the bed

y/n: Ouchhh

Taehyung: that's what you get for pretending

I laugh until he gets on top of me, I stare at him while he looks at me deep in my eyes, and leans closer to me until we are 1 inch from each other, I could feel his breath. soon he smacks his lips into mine, I return the kiss, and after a hot make out we finally pull out to get some air

Y/n: what was that about?

Tae: what? can I not kiss my girlfriend?

Y/n: Well, of course, you can. But that was so unexpected. well Anyways, how are we going to do this? do I get my own room or...?

Tae: we are going to spend a whole week in here starting tomorrow, so each day, you will be switching

y/n: Wha- but that isn't fair! how about all my stuff, they are heavy, and also moving each and each day with all my stuff is exhausting

Tae: with whoever your staying they would help you, so you're fine

y/n: ugh fine, so who is it gonna be though today?

Tae: today me, tomorrow Yoongi, After you have Jimin, Then Jungkook, Then Hoseok, then Namjoon, and last Jin

Y/n: Alright bye!

Tae: bye what?

Y/n: well I'm going to shower so I'll need you to get out of the room

Taehyung: It doesn't matter, I mean we could-

Y/n: No, No, NO, And an N.O

Taehyung: why not?

Y/n: Because I'm not ready

Tae: Fine fine, but you'll be fine ill just stay in the room and wait for you while I use the phone, I have to do some work anyways

Y/n: Fine Fine

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